How To Make Your Deep Tissue Massage Therapy/Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Treatment Results Last Longer.

Massage Therapy is great for chronic pain treatment and management, but how do you stay out of pain for as long as possible after the treatments?

Be mindful of your posture, body mechanics and repetitive movement patterns.

Stretch and perform strengthening exercises when possible.

Invest in good ergonomics, computer mouse, eye level monitor, chair and standing desk.

Do not hunch all the time.

Avoid twisted torso scenario.

Most clients know they will get more out of their massage if they try to wind down before it starts and give full attention to it once it’s begun — turning off cell phones while also clicking off the mental switch on the day’s concerns and problems.

Though treating yourself to a massage every now and then is a valuable boost to your self-care, you’re likely to see even more benefits with regular treatment. Try getting massage at twice or at least once a month for a while to see the power of the cumulative effects.

Hydrate- drink a lot of water, it will help with muscle recovery.

Jolita Brilliant, CMT


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