Private Massage Classes To The Public

You can learn massage techniques in person that are designed to help you and your partner share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other. Perform with more knowledge and understanding of the massage art. Learn to be more effective and getting less tired and having more fun.

  • Know how to give better massages and strain your self less.
  • Learn how to use body mechanics and get less tired while you perform a massage.
  • Each session will have you and your partner giving and receiving massages under the expert tutelage of our most experienced and certified massage therapists.

It is a two hour class where the two or four people (couples, friends, family). Attendees will be taught how to do a basic back, legs or neck or specific area like feet or hands. Or whatever areas are the most important for a people in the class.

It begins with your doing an assessment of each person’s health and condition of their muscles to determine if they are fit to receive a massage. You will then be instructed in very basic anatomy. And learn which areas to avoid and learn appropriate for that class techniques of a massage. We keep lecture to a minimum and emphasize the massage techniques and communication skills that will let you use your new skills right away. You will be shown Swedish Massage techniques and you will repeat them hands on on your partner. Then the giver and receiver will be switched up. 

Come to a class wearing comfortable clothes, and please have your nails cut short!

You will have oil, massage sheets and table supplied for you.

You can book a class online or by contacting us directly.

This is a great activity for and gift for Valentines Day, Engagement, Weddings and any couples or friends wanting to learn how to massage at home safely and more effectively.

If you are looking to book a private class for one person then you have to contact us directly, that can not be booked online because we will need to secure a demo person for the class. Thanks.

We will no tire you with quizes and difficult professional vocabulary, but basic Swedish Massage Techniques that can be learned during the class are these:

Swedish massage techniques are designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones. Here are some basic most used Swedish massage techniques:

  1. Effleurage: This is a smooth, gliding stroke used to relax soft tissue and prepare the client for deeper massage strokes. The therapist’s hands move lightly over the body with a continuous motion, typically towards the heart, applying oil or lotion for smoothness.

  2. Petrissage: Petrissage involves kneading, rolling, and lifting the muscles and tissues. The therapist uses their hands, thumbs, or fingertips to grasp and gently squeeze the muscles, helping to improve circulation and release tension.

  3. Friction: Friction involves applying pressure across the grain of the muscles to break down adhesions and realign tissue fibers. The therapist may use their thumbs, fingertips, or palms to apply deep, circular movements on specific areas of tension.

Remember, it’s important to communicate about preferences, any areas of tension or discomfort, and the pressure is comfortable with during the session. This will ensure that you receive and give a massage tailored to the needs and preferences.

3 Better Massage Therapy Tips For Home Users from Brilliant Massage Therapy, Burlington, Vermont

1. Avoid Bones and Joins, find and massage soft tissues, muscles, facia and ligaments, tendons.

2. Use your body weight and correct body mechanics

3. Always Check in with the person receiving a massage from you.


Have fun!

Brilliant Massage Therapy, LLC

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