Current Job Openings:

Basic Job Description:

Join the team that is: Fostering Personal Growth, Responsibility, Integrity, Individuality, Enjoyment at work, Creativity and Leadership


  • Positive attitude, being committed to your work and love what you do
  • High work ethic and morals
  • Humbleness
  • Must be comfortable and willing to learn how to run point of sale and check clients in and out
  • Massage Therapy License or Esthetics/Cosmetology License (One Of Three is Required)


  • Employee Discount
  • High Commission Rate Plus Tips
  • All Supplies, Tools Provided
  • Hydraulic Ergonomically Safer Tables To Work With
  • 30 Minutes Between Sessions
  • Marketing You as a Professional within our business
  • Flexible Negotiable Schedule
  • Average Pay: $43.00 – $80.00 per appointment hour 
  • 401(k) matching after 1 year 
  • Professional development assistance and training on the job
  • Referral program
  • 6-10 hour shifts available
  • Additional Shifts available for busy seasons
  • Bonus performance pay
  • Sales Commission pay


  • Available to work at least one day on the weekend
  • Introduce guests to and explain memberships options and other regular visit benefits, strive to establish positive report with clients
  • Welcome all guests and fellow associates with a warm, sincere, prompt greeting
  • Maintain confidentiality of all proprietary and guest information
  • Maintain our stellar reputation in customer service and service quality and working with integrity
  • Arrive for work on time, properly dressed and ready to represent us with the utmost in professionalism
  • Administer massage and/or other treatments as requested by guests
  • Ensure all services begin and end on time, and confirm that you have the correct client
  • Maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the massage, skin care and other treatment areas and business facilities as directed
  • Attend all training and department meetings as directed
  • Tour guests through the business assisting them with special requests and provide hospitality services as needed (such as water, other)
  • Report equipment failures or maintenance issues promptly
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of BMS programs and services and act as an ambassador for us with each guest
  • Alert management to potential problems or concerns as they relate to guests or staff
  • Promote positive guest relations by providing prompt, courteous and efficient service and effectively resolving complaints in a timely manner


I like to work at Brilliant so much! I tried so many spas! But Brilliant is so authentic and so nice! My home!!!!!


5 Reasons to work and 3 reasons not to work at “Brilliant Massage and Skin”

Gifted and talented coworkers:

All our team members have unique talents and skills; they want to excel and succeed by doing work that has purpose and meaning. Trust is a factor in our company. Fairness is a factor. Caring is a factor. The culture is pure, free of drama, empowering and trustworthy.

Work with meaning:

We want to do work that somehow changes and influences lives for the better every day. We thrive on being part of something that’s innovative and ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves having the best customer service and great reputation for what we offer to our clients.

If you love delivering customer outcomes:

The single most important thing at Brilliant Massage & Skin is delivering enduring customer satisfaction and success. This drives and guides everything that we do.

What this means is that everyone’s job at Brilliant Massage & Skin is to deliver meaningful and fantastic customer outcomes. When we see a client, we make sure we understand their goals and choose most appropriate techniques for them. Here you’ll find a career that nurtures and cares for you as a person, an artist, and a professional.

Ongoing Education:

We have various tools available to be used in the office to ease strain on your hands. We offer once a year paid for continuing education class of your choice. Professional articles, magazines and support for your professional career.

Excellent Compensation:

Great clients to work with. You a lot into your work, so we believe you should get paid well. Our pay for employees starting rate of 45% for all services and add-ons and 100% of all your tips of course, while you receive all employee benefits, taxes taken care for you, and also you can sign up for 401k for your retirement after one year of employment and potential for additional increase up to 50% per service fees, plus extra bonus for great client reviews. Plus, Professional Insurance group discount through ABMP and ASCP.  


Reasons not to work here:

You are not very good at teamwork:

If you are a lone wolf and don’t like to work in a team, you will not be successful here. Likewise, if you create unnecessary overhead on your colleagues because of absences or attitude mismatch, you won’t be happy.  It’s a little bit like your favorite special force’s unit—everyone is very capable, and they work as a team watching each other’s back and relying on each other. And everyone takes a lot of pride in being world-class.

You are not prepared to own customer outcomes:

We do not perform a service without relating it to customer outcomes and how the customer will feel after you finish your work. 

Our customers don’t really care how hard we work. They just care about the results we produce for them. Weather it is pain relief, relaxation or regenerated skin.

You are not really prepared to work be committed and dedicated:

The people around you will put their heart and soul into the services they perform every day. There will be a mismatch between you and your colleagues if you are coming here for just a job. You should assume that there will be some challenging days when you will need to draw upon all your reserves of grit, to power through, take extra appointment to cover for colleague that’s sick or deal with a customer that’s late to their appointment, we do not quit when we are tired, we are done when we complete the job.

Brilliant Massage & Skin,

Burlington, Vermont

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