• The Most and Highest Rated Spa in Vermont state. 


Seven Days Finalist: Best Place To Get A Massage

Seven Days Finalist: Best Place To Get A Massage

The highest quality pain relief and relaxation through a comprehensive list of bespoke massage therapy services:

Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Classic Swedish Techniques, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Barefoot Massage – Luxurious Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Post/Pre Natal Massage and more, Specialized Oncology Massage and Medical Massage, Private Massage Classes For Couples and Individuals, Corporate On-Site Massages –and more! Add ons like Aromatherapy and Pain Relief Cream, Cupping- Myofascial Decompression, Graston and Guasha, Hot Stones, Paraffin Wax Therapy, Jade Scalp and Hair Brushing.

The highest quality Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Waxing, and other Esthetics services:

For Skin Care we use original PCA products for Facials and Peels- Physicians Care Alliance, LLC, a global organization serving over 5,000 medical practices in the United States, with products sold in over 70 countries around the globe. We offer various depth Peels and Corrective Masks, Microdermabrazion, LED, Waxing, Microcurrent, Dermaplanning and more.

Lamprobe for Skin Tag, Keratoses, Cherry Angiomas Removal, and other minor Skin Irregularity Removal.


Professional Teeth Whitening, average results we provide is 4-8 shades whiter per treatment or up to your natural teeth color.

We offer Hydrojelly Masks and other professional skin care for home use. We use Natural Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up and Professional Mac Cosmetics for Make Up Applications.

We can also easily accept Health Savings Cards.

So either if you live in near by or just are visiting Vermont do not hesitate to schedule a service with us. All of us working at BMS have been certified by massage and esthetics schools, hold licenses and are insured by ABMP and ASCP.

Brilliant Massage & Skin, started as a single massage practitioners office, which now employs multiple therapists and has multiple therapy rooms with multiple specialties and talents and two locations, Burlington and South Burlington, VT.

No two clients are the same, no two providers are the same. Learn more about us:

jolita brilliant massage & skin


Jolita has always been passionate about wellness, beauty and arts. She worked in the music and fitness fields before starting a journey in a spa world. After graduating from Body Soul Massage School and opening a solo practice in 2016, couple years later she expanded the business into a multi modality and multi division clinical spa. In 2019 Jolita also became a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Make Up Artist. Trained in Professional Teeth Whitening application, Hydrafacial and Lamprobe.

In 2016 Jolita completed an Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Course in Vermont in 2016; She is also a Graduate of an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Course by Deep Feet®️ 2017 and Advanced Two Feet in CT and is specializing in these styles. She is also Certified in Graston Technique, MA. Jolita also completed a 4 day course for Oncology Massage in MA. In 2019 J.Brilliant completed Aveda Esthetics program of 650 hrs. Jolita also completed Lamprobe training for minor skin irregularities in 2020. To further perfect her artistry skills Jolita graduated QC Master Make Up Artistry program in 2020. Hydrafacial in 2022.

In 2023 Jolita has signed multi state Franchise Development agreement for Brilliant Massage & Skin. Look out for new locations coming soon. If you are interested in this opportunity please reach out to us.

Besides managing the business for her clients she is offering deeply Relaxing Ashiatsu Custom Massage, Skin Care: Clinical Facials, Peels and Minor Skin Irregularity Removal.

In her youth after graduating school with top grades, in 2007 Jolita moved from Lithuania to the U.S.A. when she was accepted to college to study music. She is according to “23 and me” 99.9 % Lithuanian and 0.01 % British. In her teenage years and early 20’s she was an accomplished classical pianist, songwriter, and singer in her native country. Her true passion for Spa world was discovered, however, practicing endurance running and competing as a body builder.

Massage therapist vermont


Maribel is a Licensed Massage Therapist with sincere and warm approach to massage. She completed Body Soul Massage Therapy Program in 2019 St. Albans, VT. Dedicated to promoting health, healing and well-being through therapeutic massage remedies. Trained in Professional Teeth Whitening application. Originally from Colombia, Maribel both worked and received training in her native country previously and in USA. Expertise in Relaxing, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stone massage. On her time off she enjoys exploring Vermont with her husband, she is also a big dog lover!

massage therapist vt


Jaclyn received her education from Therapeutic Massage & Training Center in New Jersey, graduating with over 500 hours. There, she developed a love for myofascial healing and lymph therapy treatments. Before attending massage therapy school, Jaclyn graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Jaclyn’s passion for client healing stems from her experience working as a caregiver and teacher. These experiences help her to communicate with her current clients as they seek ways to improve their lives through more holistic means. She has had experience treating clients with severe leg cramping, plantar fasciitis, range of motion issues especially in the rotator cuff area and issues with posture, to name a few. She takes pride in providing clients with solutions that fit their busy life schedules, to help them find healing both in and out of sessions.


Shyla Fulton, Licensed Cosmetologist/TEAM MEMBER

Shyla has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2016, where she spent her time specializing in lashes and hair. Shyla received her license in New Jersey and transferred it to Vermont in 2023, and decided to venture into practising Skin Care, Facials and Waxing. She is also currently receiving her massage certification and will be dual-licensed in Cosmetology and Massage Therapy in 2024. She loves working with people and helping them feel their best. She is looking forward to also offer Massage Therapy Services in early 2024.


Mary Damiani, Licenced Massage Therapist/Team Member

Mary has seven years of spa industry experience under her belt and loves facilitating a one-of-a-kind spa experience for her clients.
Mary’s massage works with the pressure preference of her client (ask about her pressure scale!) and incorporates her many varied skills to offer a truly customized session.
“One of my teachers was asked this question by his teacher “When there is a healing session taking place who is the healer, the person giving the treatment or the person receiving?” The answer was the person receiving the treatment is the healer because they are the one doing the healing. This statement has had a lasting impact on me and the way I approach each session. It is an honor to work with people in this capacity and I am so very grateful to do so.” –Mary

Mary holds Bachelor of Science in Wellness & Alternative Medicine completed in 2016 with focus on meditation, yoga, & Ayurveda from Johnson State College.
Mary had Massage Therapy training completed in 2016 through Green Mountain Massage School and a number of continuing education courses with several instructors, including trainings with Dr. Ben Benjamin completed in 2018.
Temple Style Lomilomi completed at Lotus Palm in 2019.
Studies in Hawaiian Shamanism completed in 2020 with Patti Miller.
Ha Lomi completed in 2021 with Kumu Harry Uhane Jim & Kumu Sila Jim.
Heart Works Lomi completed in 2021 with Patti Miller.
Body Tune Up Muscle Testing training completed in concert with Heart Works in 2021.

She learned Reiki levels 1 & 2 in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition training received in 2010 & Master level training received in 2015. Mary has volunteered Reiki sessions to oncology patients, both human and animal, through local organizations.

Additionally she has Yoga instructor training completed in 2012 through AFPA, and 200 RYT alignment-based yoga teacher training completed in 2019 through Heart Space Yoga.
Yoga Nidra training completed in 2020 from the ShivaShakti Yoga School.


Valentina Morse, Licensed Massage Therapy/Esthetician/TEAM MEMBER

Valentina is a licensed massage therapist and licensed esthetician with 18 years of experience working in a professional spa and medical environments. Her biggest desire is to make people feel and look great. She loves esthetics because she can improve people’s appearance through non-surigcal options. Her favorite massage styles are deep tissue, hot stone and reflexology. She is Hydrafacial and Lamprobe- minor skin irregularity removal Certified Professional. 

Originally form Russia, Valentina changed careers from accounting to wellness once arriving to USA. In 2000 she received a Bachelor’s degree from Johnson State College in Alternative Medicine and in 2003 she received two associated degrees from CCV as a Liberal Arts Major with 800 hours towards massage certification. In 2018 Valentina completed Aveda Institute with 600 hours to receive the estheticians license. She studied at the Electrolysis Institute of New England (1600 hours). And also is a certified electrologist.

Valentina believes it is amazing to see the change in clients bodies and skin, going from tired and worn out into rested, and glowing. Anti aging is one of her expertises. 


Devin Richard, Licensed Massage Therapist/ Team Member

Devin is an empathetic and compassionate individual who strives above all else to be a source of light and harmony in a sometimes difficult and challenging world. Having served many years in patient care at UVM Medical Center, Devin shifted gears into massage therapy as a means of forming more meaningful relationships with his community and the people around him. Devin studied Chinese Medicine (including Tui Na, Shiatsu, and Acupressure) at Elements of Healing and continues to practice Deep Tissue Techniques and Customized massage at Brilliant Massage & Skin, as well as holding part time position as Chiropractic assistant.


Lacy J Dezan, Licensed
Massage Therapist/Team Member

Lacy started as a yoga teacher and has been pursuing her career in massage therapy since 2019 when she graduated from the American Academy of Health and beauty. Her interest in the kinesthetics of the human body continues to grow and form her approach to massage therapy.

She also is taking art classes at the University of Vermont.


Jenna Bevens, LMT, Licensed Esthetician/ Team Member

Jenna Bevens is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016. Her favorite modalities are conective tissue therapy and deep tissue. The primary focus of her massage work is solution oriented bodywork as well as strategic pain management. Jenna has been a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in skin care for a decade. With particular focus on helping clients create routine to ensure continued satisfaction with skin. She is both a reiki practitioner and master teacher for over 5 years, incorporating a holistic idea of the energy body into over all client wellness.
Jenna is currently on track to complete her B.A. in Pyschology/Sociology and hopes to utilize holistic health going into the field of thanatogic psychology in the future. She is very passionate about care for people at all stages of life and health.

sports massage

LUIS ROSARIO, Licensed Massage Therapist/TEAM MEMBER

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Sports Massage that can be relaxing but firm and incorporates stretching Luis is expert at it. Luis Rosario is very knowledgeable in anatomy and how the body responds to massage therapy. Sports massage, stretching on the table and deep tissue, trigger point is his specialty. Trained in Professional Teeth Whitening application.

Luis has extensively worked at chiropractors office and were gaining valuable medical massage experience ever since graduating 650 hour massage school in Burlington, VT, Touchstone Healing Arts in 2012, run by Certified Somatic Therapy coaches. Luis also achieved 18 hours of externship credit at Fletcher Allen Healthcare (UVM Medical Center) by volunteering free chair massages for the nurses of the medical center. Luis also volunteered with classmates at the Burlington Marathon, providing sports massages for runners. He also lives incorporating pin & stretch technique to his massages. So if you are looking for a good stretch book a treatment with him! Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Luis grew up in Brooklyn, New York with my mother and sister. His family is Dominican, so he is fluent Spanish speaker. With over five years of massage therapy experience, he has a passion for anatomy and physiology and is well versed in sports and therapeutic massage. Luis loves biking, hiking, and summertime in Vermont.


Maria Xiang, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Cosmetologist

Maria Xiang Hong owned a spa in China before moving to USA with her husband, since 1995 she was all about learning and practicing new techniques and modalities in massage therapy and skin care. Maria loves deep tissue massage techniques and cupping to relief tense muscles, as well as to treat pain points and offer relaxation. She has also completed cosmetology school in NYC, there she has performed skin care and hair removal services over the years utilizing soft and hard wax techniques. Maria is now also a PCA Skin certified cosmetologist. She is Hydrafacial and Lamprobe- minor skin irregularity removal Certified Professional. Maria is experienced to work with variety of customer needs and always wants to see them smile.

NA- Licensed Esthetician/ Waxing Expert/ Team Member

Coming Soon


Fabio Fuá Nascimento - Licensed Massage Therapist

Fabio Fuá Nascimento graduated in 09/06/2006 from the Luzeiro Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. Over the years, Fabio has done deep tissue techniques, sports and integrated his native Brazilian massage techniques with Thai stretches, Swedish strokes, and Bioenergetic breathings. His massage training was focused on Do-In (deep tissue and organs massage that focuses on breaking physical-energetic blocks), Ayurvedic (holistic full body technique that focuses on integration, balance, and the dynamic exchange of mind and body), Brazilian Shamanic (these techniques integrate breathing, meditativeness, and visualizations as means for deepening the massage as clients gain more knowledge of mind/body relaxation).

Fabio has a degree in Physical Education from the Cruzeiro do Sul University SP, Brazil, and a Bachelor in Early Childhood Development & Capoeira studies from Goddard College VT, US. He has been an athlete, dancer, fighter, and acrobat for over 30 years, and has overcome physical limitations, major injuries, cultural barriers, and understands how to aid, release, and transform chronic issues. His massages can also help with concentration, stress, anxiety, and the stagnation of meditative practices.

Courtney Rollo

Courtney Rollo - Licensed Massage Therapist / Licensed Esthetician

Courtney is a Dual-Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. She has been practicing for 4 years now. She graduated from Northern Vermont University and Green Mountain Massage School in May of 2019, and she graduated from O’Brien’s Aveda Institute in January of 2021. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Health and Sports Medicine as well as a minor in Business.

She recently graduated in December of 2022 with her Master’s in Business Administration at Champlain College and will be continuing her education in the spring. She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Manual Lymph Drainage- Vodder Technique, Energy Bodywork, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Facial Treatments, Brow Tinting, Lash Lifting and Tinting, and Facial Waxing services here at the spa.

Courtney is a native Vermonter and has always felt a calling towards helping others heal holistically, meeting them where they are at, optimizing their levels of independence, and helping them to look and feel their best. She is here to help address your needs and concerns for a healthy and balanced mind, body, and spirit and is passionate about what she does!


Veronica Sabler - Licensed Massage Practitioner/ Team Member

Veronica Salber has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. In October of 2009 she received the official title of Massage Practitioner. Veronica attended Cittone Institute who later changed their name to Lincoln Technical Institute. She had a 4.0 GPA and graduated with Magna Cum Laude. After graduating Veronica started working in integrated medicine and continuing her education. Veronica started teaching on 2007 At Lincoln Tech and in briefly worked at a tech college in Virginia until Covid. Veronica has over 45 certifications, besides Swedish and Deep Tissue, she specializes in many other modalities and therapies. Some noteworthy specializations are Pre-Natal, labor and delivery, carrying a dual certification as a doula, Veronica is also a mother of six. She also specializes in Rehabilitation Massage, Craniosacral, PNF, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Infant and Children, Tongue Tie, Neuromuscular Junction Treatment, Cupping. Bach Remedies. Holistic medicine, TMC, Ayurveda. She is also the developer of open and awake meditation.


Amber Huntley - Licensed Massage Therapist / Team Member

Amber’s touch integrates over 16 years of massage and martial arts practice and combines strikingly different yet complementary ways of exploring the body into an unconventional massage style, described as intuitive, attentive and result-oriented. Amber’s popularity won her the title of #1 Massage Therapist in Montreal for six straight years (The Mirror/CultMT), and she is now happy to bring her services to Burlington!

Clients with therapeutic needs gravitate to Amber’s careful blend of modalities which she employs with just the right amount of pressure for the job. Skilled at creating a sense of camaraderie with her clients, she asks the right questions and listens intently to customize each treatment, and in this way, whether her work is intense and invigorating, or gentle and quiet, Amber’s massages are always tailored to fit.

IT in VT, IT Support


Kristy Rosberg- Licensed Massage Therapist/ Team Member

Kristy has been a massage Practitioner since 1998. She has a unique blend of modalities, her flow combines LomiLomi Hawaiian style with Myofascial Release and Sports Massage. Kristy is a prenatal massage teacher and Practitioner since 2003, and loves working with expecting Moms. In her diverse experience she has worked with everyone from professional athletes to hospice patients. Also a Reiki Master and Zen Meditation teacher, Kristy’s sessions are customized to provide you with grounding energy and muscle relief therapy.


Online Marketing

Silver Atienza, Scheduling Specialist/Remote Assistant Manager

Silver is a friendly voice you hear when booking your appointments by phone. Silver has worked in customer service field for 5 years prior to joining our team in 2023. He was born and raised in Philippines and works remotely.

Mae Soriano, Scheduling/Senior Remote Manager/Graphics Designer

Mae is our senior customer support specialist. She is a friendly voice you hear when booking your appointments by phone. She has a double duty as our receptionist, article publisher, scheduling manager and social media graphics designer.



Burlington location is located in the historic Gideon House at 35 King Street, South Burlington location is at 34 Patchen Rd, this location features free parking lot for customers and we have self help electric vending massage chair on the second floor. Both our offices are a safe and very welcoming places. Both offices has a state of the art hydraulic massage tables with warmers, and a large selection of massage and skin care tools to provide the most tailored treatment possible.

There is an ambience that will soothe you before your session even begins. Massage or a facial it’s like taking a mini vacation for your mind and body.

Our place:

  • A quiet, peaceful atmosphere
  • A full menu of massage, facials, waxing
  • Professional massage therapists and estheticians
  • Private treatment rooms with fresh linens
  • Professional skin care products
  • A relaxation room with water, and we have hot tea cups available if you’d like!
  • A scrupulously clean facility
  • We do not have lockers but you can leave your belongings in your treatments room, and coats/shoes on the available racks. We keep doors locked while we are in treatment form any walk-ins and public.

Would like a relaxing, pain relieving massage therapy session for one or two or a results driven facials, waxing, teeth whitening? We are the place.
So either if you live in Vermont or just are visiting Vermont do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.