Opening Massage and Skin Care Business


There is two options to start a business: From scratch or buy a system, training and have an on-going support.

One of the options: Going The Independent Route:

You will need to learn and perform these tasks when starting from scratch:

1. Decide on your Niche

2. Setting up your Spa

Location and space requirements
Licensing and regulations
Equipment and supplies needed

3. Hiring and Training Staff

Finding qualified massage therapists, estheticians, and waxing specialists
Training staff in proper techniques and customer service
Creating a positive work environment

4. Offering Services
Menu of services to offer
Pricing and packaging options
Marketing and promoting your spa

5. Providing a Positive Customer Experience
Creating a relaxing atmosphere
Ensuring client comfort and satisfaction
Handling customer complaints and feedback

6. Safety and Sanitation
Proper sanitation practices for equipment and tools
Guidelines for handling and disposing of wax
Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment

Another Option: Going The Franchise Route:

We help aspiring wellness entrepreneurs or burnt out corporate professionals start and run your massage and beauty business in as little as 7 weeks.

For example our training program offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from the founder, providing you with insider knowledge and expertise. You will receive a comprehensive manual for day-to-day operations, as well as access to our software system and POS to streamline your business processes.

Membership benefits include transferability between all locations, as well as gift cards. Our training also covers hiring and onboarding procedures, with ongoing support through weekly operations and marketing calls. We also offer access to our lead generation company at a great value for the services provided.

As emerging brand we can offer lower entry cost and more hands on support from founder than the parent, grandparent brands corporate trainers.

For those interested in multi-unit operations, there are many open territories to choose from. As a founding member, you will have VIP status within our growing community and direct access to the founder for personalized support and guidance.

Our franchise support also covers how to handle issues with staff and customers, and we offer lending options for those who qualify. If you meet credit requirements, you can inquire about an application and sign an NDA to receive our financial disclosure document and book a Discovery visit to learn more about the opportunities available.

You can get in now with less net worth, this could be your chance than buying into other systems. Later when we sell some units we will get stricter and stricter who we let into our system.

We will teach you how to built your digital and personal relationship “real estate” in your community

More likelihood of success with proven model than starting from scratch, as shown by investopedia statistics *

What We Can Offer as a Franchisor:

  • Make money faster with our system than starting from scratch
  • Save money and time eliminating too much trial and error to make things work
  • Stackable Services
  • Accessible Pricing
  • Be a part of a supportive franchisor and the community, elevate status of your business operations
  • Be affiliated with us as someone that has proven track record and gain more recognition for your operations
  • Take the guest work of what works based on our refined system over the past many years in business
  • We will help you build it the first time around, select location, real estate support
  • Reduced time and cost to open due to simple and sometimes minimal build-out
  • Efficient use of space and innovative way of hiring and retaining labour
  • Proven multiple lines of revenue, especially 3 main ones
  • Real estate selection support
  • Already proven Membership and Packages model for recurring revenue
  • AI replacement resistant growing industry

We will offer accountability support for you to follow through with needed tasks

Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit? Have More Questions?

Need to learn more to make a decision?

You are right! We got you!

Have you always wanted to run your own spa but not sure where to start? Do you want to spread the message of wellness and self care to more people?

Do not feel capable of running your own massage and skin care clinic?

It is because you are not trained and not supported. That is why we are here offering what we are offering.

With us- if you follow our system you will be able to see success. Your job will be to follow the blueprint.

Join our free Q&A: how to run your own spa? No strings attached, completely free to you!


We recommend to take advantage of this offer: if you don’t- you might loose money and precious time! There is short cut way and there is scenic route. We can help you avoid detours!

There won’t be a better tie to learn this than right now.

Our Monthly Free Q&A Training Webinar will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully run your own spa. We understand the importance of wellness and self-care and we are passionate about spreading this message to more people.

What sets us apart is our personalized approach and our years of experience in the spa industry. Our credentials speak for themselves, and we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a successful spa owner.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial itch into a reality. Sign up for our free training today and start your journey towards owning your own spa.

Benefits working with our company:

We help you have your dream business

Buying into our brilliant massage & skin franchise our clients would save money, save time, make more money with system, less stress, reduce risk

Calculate how much time and money do you think it would take to learn how to start and run a spa on your own? And how to continuously improve and grow as opposed to having franchisors support?

If you follow the system it works, it you wont put effort in it – it wont work. What the worst that could happen?

High integrity, attention to detail, support, great reputation, treats and pays employees well, great workplace culture, no gossip policy, growth mindset, supportive environment, encourages continued education, encourage personal responsibility

The founder is trust worthy and  great at pushing through challenges, not giving up, proven track record of building a successful spa business.

Either way weather you choose to open on your own or buy into franchsise best benefit is as a spa owner you get discounted massages and facials yourself anytime you want!


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