Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧)

It can be done on the body for tension relief and for the face for beauty reasons.

Warning: Do not Google “gua sha.” The results will yield scary photos showing beet red human backs. This is the down-and-dirty version of gua sha massage, a practice of Chinese medicine that predates acupuncture and translates directly to “scraping.” But it does not have to be so aggressive, unless of course you insist. Never on the face though.

Therapists use a flat handheld tool, which varies in shape and is typically made from horn, yak bone, or crystal.

“Gua Sha,” is an ancient East Asian healing practice in which a practitioner takes a flat tool and, using a generous amount of pressure, pulls it across the skin to increase blood flow. It was originally intended to break up stagnant energy, called chi, and promote internal healing. Now, Gua Sha is used to help drain the lymphatic system, ease muscle tension, and help with symptoms of chronic pain, many of which are tied to inflammation.

Our Staff member Benjamin completed Gua-Sha Continuing education class for full body guasha treatments.


Guasha is similar to Graston Techinque in some ways.

Guasha tool can also be a tool gently used for facials treatments.

While jade rollers are soothing and can certainly help with de-puffing and promote skin elasticity, gua sha goes deeper.






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