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After completing Graston M1 Basic Tools training and purchasing Graston Tools, (which were not cheap!) I decided to complete final level Graston M2 Technique Training and take the preferred provider test.

It was truly a great class. What impressed me the most was how diaphragmatic breathing can improve range of motion. Not only in upper body, but also it can help in lower back pain.

All injuries result in some form of the body’s response. The skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and even internal organs form scar tissue following any injury or physical or mental stress. Normally the body forms collagen to replace damaged tissue or creates tension patterns from stress, bad posture, ergonomics. The key is that normal tissue is linear and parallel, but scar (fibrous tissue) looks like a basket weave.

Clinical Foundations for Graston Technique

Muscle and joints areas have aligned tissues to allow for movement. When scar tissue forms in a perpendicular pattern, the nerves can be integrated and over stimulated during partial or normal movements. Causing pain. Graston Technique works fascia and realigns muscle fibers, also signals toe the nervous system to repair the area, increases fibroblast activity.

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