Why people feel more lonely these days than ever?

  • Making new friends where you live or work can help. Next time ask if they would like to grab lunch or a coffee together.
  • Going out to a community events can help.
  • Local networking events.
  • Volunteering can help.
  • Donating your time, things or money can help.
  • Massage can help. Sometimes we don’t have physical ailment, its spiritual ailments that cause us pain.
  • Turning of negative news can help.
  • Taking up on a hobby can help.
  • Sports and exercising, swimming, basketball, movement in general can help.
  • Being in the nature, hiking.
  • Turning of or reducing social media and increasing real face interactions can help.
  • Know or try to find your values.
  • Trying to find your true purpose.
  • Meditating, or taking up yoga.
  • Gardening.
  • Dancing can help. Since it’s not just the excuse it’s also socializing.


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Jolita Brilliant, LMT

Brilliant Massage Therapy