Here is another 3 massage business tips I came up for a beginner massage therapist.

1. If you have not done yet so, investing in a good massage school is very important.

If you feel you could improve your techniques or maybe offer more massage styles that are in demand by the clients in your area. Register for continuing education massage courses. There are always massage courses happening, most thats not deep tissue massage is always in demand, sports massage, ashiatsu barefoot massage… If you feel you didn’t get enough of this type of schooling take an advanced course. It will keep your clients not bored with your style if you will have more tricks on your sleeve. It will make your work more fun and effective.

2. This ones obvious in any business and especially in massage business. Make the client your priority.

Do not talk over your client, if they do not talk during the session- do not keep asking them question, let them rest. If the client wants to talk- chat with them. I noticed that clients sometimes come over to enjoy the massage and almost want to fall asleep. Sometimes they need the pain to subside and they do not really care about the relaxation part. And other times they need a friend to talk to. If the client does wants to talk, do not over shadow them and do not get carried away on your political views. Or latest diet solutions they should try, or how they should quit smoking. Be there to listen and maybe add your opinion but within reason.

3. Say no to people who are trying to drop your prices or friends and family trying to get discounts from you.

I have made this mistake myself many times. Not being clear with my loved ones that massage is very physically demanding job. And it takes a lot out of you to perform it the right way. Every free massage you do will take away the energy and time of you to do a paid one instead. You are not a bottomless veil to give and give. So remind people who want to see you for a discounted rate that you wish you could do it for free. But also you need to pay rent, food and have other expenses. Setting healthy boundaries is not just healthy for you its important for you practices longevity.

Know that you are providing value, if you really want to give them a discount you can offer them a referral point. If they send you paid clients you will offer them discounts, or longer massage for the same fee of a shorter one.

-Jolita Brilliant, Licensed Massage Therapist, Burlington, Vermont – Also offering one on one massage business coaching.

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