Graduated Massage School- check, got your certification- check, now what?

If you are not too excited to go work for some one else you will be thinking of opening your practice.

It can be very intimidating to start a massage practice or any kind of business on your own.

These are just a couple of things I would like to share from my own experience.

  1. Put a value to your services. You must know- if you do not value your own service- than no one else will. You must set price that when the client leaves they would think “that was so worth it!”. That means not too low of a price either, but just right and fair to you and to them. Because if you can not afford the rent it will not be good for them either. The price should be so high however that they would think after they leave your office- this was overpriced for what I got for my money and my time!”. The key is providing value! At the beginning of you practice. Let’s say for the first 100 clients you can offer a 20 dollar lower fee for whats your target fee is to charge for the massage. And let them know than that the price will increase. Or you could charge full desired rate but give them more time for the same money as you begin to built up your practice.
  2. Anyone who is cold calling you about your business is most likely a scam. Once you will start to put your business name out there on the web- Facebook, search directories, yelp, google, and hundreds of more sites you will notice the advertising companies will try to pitch you all kinds of services. They will promise hundreds of new clients to you for a “small fee”. Usually they are no good. Any business that is truly good doesn’t need to cold call you 10 times and convince you buying something. If you do decide to purchase services always check reviews of the professionals and they rating on BBB.
  3. Free website will cost you more in lost sales by ranking worse than your own domain for a small cost. You can get domain name and hosting pretty cheaply from or Start right with your own website and a nice design. Good presentation is the key. But as far as website make sure the design is nice and most important simple and easy to use and is mobile friendly.
  4.  Do not be afraid. Have great service- do your best every time like your teacher is watching or like you will be rated for every one to see! Because actually you will, any of your clients can leave a review for you. Be personable, friendly. Go out of your way, what other people cant do- tell your clients you can, if you do not know how to work a certain problem look it up online or in the library. If others can do early morning appointment-you do it, at least until you built up your practice. Biggest obstacle is being afraid of the unknown and being afraid of the mistakes. There will be mistakes its a part of the growth. But if you just follow two rules like Hilton Hotels owner once said- “Keep it Clean, Keep it Friendly and they will come back”. That goes to your office too.
  5. Get the best set up possible. Purchase an electronic table as soon as you can, if you can’t afford it at full price, get it to pay it off in time. This will keep you less tired and help prevent injuries. As well watch your posture, learning good body mechanics is the number one thing for your career to last! Keep your back straight and use your legs to move. do not twist or bend you back. Use tools to save your gingers! Bamboo canes, hot stones and plastic tools you can purchase on-line are great. This will be necessary to maintain your massage career for a long time.


Love what you do!

If you are doing it for the money it wont succeed. You must be passionate about helping people. Helping people makes me happy that is number one reason I love my job. And remember your business is like your baby. You put time and money in it and it grows! So this is just the couple things I have shared with you. I could go on and on about things how to create a successful massage practice. It took me some over 6 months to be in a happy place with my massage set up. I’ve done it pretty fast but you can do it too. Maybe on another post ill write more tips.

Or if you would like one on one mentorship you can hire me to be your massage business coach! And I will steer you in the right direction form picking a space to how advertise your massage practice. On face time or in person. We can work as closely as you’d like to help you succeed, regardless where are you located in the USA. The only therapists I can not work is if you are planing on opening a Burlington, VT Downton office, since its a conflict of interest for me and my business expansion plans. Any other areas- I am more than happy to work with you.

Jolita Brilliant, Licensed Massage Therapist in Burlington, VT

You can purchase coaching session here and schedule a time with me at 802-825-4116.


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