Consider adding Yoga to your wellness program

Yoga Massage and Yoga on its own are two great things you can do to become more flexible.

While I offer yoga massage, some of my massage clients ask me if I do yoga, and yes sometimes I do, usually it’s Sunday. But I used to do an hour almost everyday several years ago, when I had more time. And it does really make a big difference in your flexibility! I am hoping to do more yoga my self, but at least once a week is good than no yoga at all. If you can get a massage and do some yoga or stretching exercises time to time, you will do great! Fell better, int loose range of motion with aging.

Assisted stretching in a massage and separate stretching

Yoga Massage is a type of massage thats also called Thai Massage, or just stretches that also can be done not necessarily on the Thai Mat but on the table as well. Sometimes also called Sports Massage or STR. While it is great to receive that type of assisted stretching in the private massage office. If you can stretch on your own time to time it will improve your flexibility even more. Furthermore is it more affordable, all you have to invest is your time and electricity for computer.

Stretching is a part of a massage, and so yoga and yoga massage is as well complimentary to the massage. It will help you to stay more flexible, even though it can not replace the regular massage treatment. Because massage works directly to address the knots and pain areas and tense muscles, all you have to do is show up! However doing yoga can help you to feel better, be more relaxed, more flexible and feel less pain. I can often tell the difference in my clients who stretch regularly, who foam roll and who do yoga versus who does not. Regardless, getting massage is great and necessary for most people to help from repetitive strain at work and life, regardless if someone stretches or not. But as I mentioned it can be greatly beneficial to Foam Roll and do Yoga.

I always believe in Setting Goals instead of New Years Resolutions. I decided I will be doing more yoga this year. And that’s why I am sharing this with you, maybe you will get inspired to join me on this goal. Feels good to Stretch!!!

I love this instructor and hope you will enjoy it too.

-Jolita Brilliant, private massage therapist in Burlington, Vermont