Why It’s Smart to ‘Go-Pro’ with Skincare

a girl having a facial from two hands with gloves: text: why it's smart to go-pro with skincare We all know how important it is to choose the right skincare products.

If you get your products right, they will leave your skin looking and feeling at its best. Right products can help to improve skin condition if you have acne, dry skin or if your skin is starting to show signs of aging.

There is such a wide choice of products on the market, making it hard to decide which one to try. Here are a few tips we’ve put together to help you select the right skincare products for your needs.

What’s Your Skin Type and What Does It Need?

We recommend having a professional consultation to truly determine your actual skin type and pick up on any specific needs you might have overlooked. An esthetician will take a close look at your skin and help you decide what the priorities are for your skincare routine. She may tell you something about your skin that you don’t know – for example, even if you think your skin is just a bit dry, it could be because it’s sensitive too, and you didn’t realize that you were using products that irritated it? Changing to a professionally designed product for your skin type could make all the difference.

Why Go Professional with skincare?

There are commercials everywhere for skincare products, and they all promise beautiful skin.

Some skincare products are cheap and available from drugstores anywhere. Professional ranges are more expensive and exclusive, so why would you opt for an experienced product?

Drug store and department store sells beauty products that generally contain a lower level of active ingredients. They are cheaper because they can be easily mass-produced and have a very long shelf life.

Buying from a salon, spa or esthetician means you get an extra level of recommendation.  You’re not just buying from an advertising agency’s copy. Still, you’ve got the benefit of the esthetician’s experience and training in helping you find a suitable product as well as a better quality product with better active ingredients.

You’ll also find that most estheticians have a money-back guarantee. If a recommended product doesn’t suit you, you can return it and try another one. Estheticians carefully research their product lines and are educated on ingredients, how to use the different products. And will educate you on how to take care of your skin best. They know how to use other products and will educate you on how to take care of your skin best.

What’s in A Cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceuticals sold by licensed estheticians tend to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. Only medical-grade products sold by doctors are legally allowed to include more active ingredients.

Professional skincare companies invest a lot of money researching cosmeceuticals; they use hi-tech ingredients like peptides, enzymes, plant stem cells, and vitamins. They also benefit from the most advanced latest delivery systems.

If you want to do something fantastic for your skin – book a session with a professional esthetician to get to know your skin correctly. You don’t always have to book a facial to get professional product recommendations. But this will give your esthetician a complete look at your skin. Most estheticians offer product consultations and can create a customized plan for your skin based on your concerns and their expertise.


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