What is a Vajacial Treatment?

girl at the beach in red orange bikini: text: what is a vajacial treatment? You might have some confusion and curiosity about what vajacial treatment is? Would you like to know what this means? Obviously, the treatment is a phrase made from the words vagina and facial.

There are times when we all experience breakouts on our faces or have dull hair and nails. As a first thought, we may think of having some luxurious pampering at a spa or salon, such as getting a facial. Moreover, our private areas also deserve some pampering.

What is Vajacial?

Yes, you heard it right, it’s vajacial! This is almost exactly what comes to mind. The vajacial treatment is for your vulva, not your vagina. This treatment focuses only on the bikini line, pubic mound, and outer labia, and there is no need to go into the vagina. A complete treatment takes around an hour, and regular clients usually get the treatment every 2-3 months to keep their skin soft and looking great.

Purpose of a Vajacial Treatment

The vajacial treatment improves and maintains skin health in the vaginal area by eliminating ingrown hairs, removing dead skin cells, reducing bumps along the bikini line, preventing acne, and treating hyperpigmentation.

The Vajacial Treatment Process

Vajacials are a short procedure involving different steps that vary with the salon.  A vajacial treatment can be done right after your wax, up to 10 days after. Your esthetician knows exactly when is the best time for you to have the procedure following your wax.

A vajacial starts with steam to loosen any ingrown hairs, dirt, or blockages on the skin. It is then necessary to remove ingrown hair or dirt from the pubic or vulva area. Afterward, your esthetician will apply a mask to soothe your skin and remove any deep blockages or embedded ingrown hairs. In addition, it will soothe any irritation resulting from sugaring or waxing.

Once the mask has been removed, your esthetician will use a wand to zap any remaining bacteria on the skin and prevent future ingrown before applying light therapy to tone the skin. An application of a skin brightening treatment is the final phase of the vajacial process.

Is the Treatment Right For Me?

Be sure to ask your esthetician for the most informed view if you are curious about getting a vajacial but not sure if it is right for you. It involves steams, masks, and the removal of ingrown hairs. If you have sensitive skin, speak to a professional who is familiar with your skin type and condition. You can book a Brazilian wax with us and ask our licensed esthetician Rebekah if a vajacial treatment is right for you.


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