Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset

a smiling girl in yellow sport wear and gray jacket preparing fruits and vegetables on kitchen countertop: text: ways to keep a positive mindset We all know that life can be so busy and so stressful! It’s easy to slip into complaining and negative thinking, but it is rarely helpful to do so. Here are some easy ways to keep a positive mindset going in a more positive direction.

Your mind is a potent tool. Research shows that positive thoughts affect almost every area of our lives. The theory is that the more you are grateful for, the more you will be grateful for your future. Thinking positively is equated to drawing even more positive things into your life.

  1. Start your day on a positive note, take 15 minutes (or more) and read something inspiring. This should come first before checking email, Facebook, or the news.
  2. Give thanks, think of or write down 3-10 things you are grateful for. For a challenge, try not to repeat any for a while. You can also use your gratitude journal for writing down your goals and dreams.
  3. Writing down your dreams is a great way to keep them at the top of your mind, which helps you see new opportunities and inspire you to work toward your goals.
  4. Hang out with positive people. Everyone needs a little vent now and again, but some people are chronic complainers. This can zap your energy and leave you feeling grumpy yourself. You don’t have to ditch your friends and family, but limiting your time can be a healthy choice.
  5. Finally, move your body. Some exercise each day will keep both your body and mind healthy and thriving. As a bonus, combine training with listening to a great book.

Positive Mindset Helps with Aging

Having a positive mindset comes easily for some but, for others, it is a bit of a struggle. The good news is that being positive is something that you can learn through practice and mindfulness. Starting a gratitude journal is a significant first step!

People who practice positivity tend to keep that sunnier disposition throughout the aging process. Having a positive outlook, knowing that you lived your life as best as you could – mistakes and all – is a benefit for you as you age.

Learning to have a positive outlook and making it a part of your nature helps you face unexpected health issues, changes, and losses that inevitably occur later.

Who would have thought that just thinking positively would have real health benefits? Studies show us that even smiling or listening to happy music may have an impact on our health.

The release of certain chemicals and endorphins to the brain can create a happier and healthier person!

A happier and healthier person is likely to age more successfully than someone negative. And even more, regular facials and proper skincare can help delay your skin’s aging process. We at BMS can attend to your skincare! Give us a call, or book online to meet with our licensed esthetician to help you with your skincare needs.

Learning to be and stay positive is right for your health!

These small changes can add up to a happier you!

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