Why I want to be an Esthetician?

Me, Jolita Brilliant am officially enrolled into esthetics course May 15 through Mid October 2019 at O’Brians Aveda Institute in Williston, VT.

Becoming an Esthetician in addition to a massage therapist would enable me to successfully add a new variety of services to our business, Brilliant Massage Therapy. I would like to obtain a deeper understanding of esthetics services and products in order to best select treatments I can offer. Additionally, I would like to acquire the skills and aptitude to advise our customers with confidence in my skills and treat them with the upmost of standards.

My first true experience with esthetics started at the age of 19 when a professional esthetician and make-up artist applied my make up for a TV music show. Prior to this, I played classical piano throughout high school and kept a face of modest and conservative appearance. I never applied much make up or was confident I knew how to properly apply it. The make-up artist did such an amazing job that it truly transformed me into a “beautiful” young women and drastically boosted my confidence! Prior to this experience, I never looked or thought of myself as a beautiful woman. However, with the power of artistry and make up what I saw in the mirror made myself and my family say “wow”! Additionally, bringing out the best features of my face and eyes made me act and feel like a movie star; with a new found sense of confidence.

Peoples Desire For Beautiful Skin

As with everyone, I have always strived for clear and bright skin. I can feel the pain of people who struggle with facial acne and yearn to provide solutions for clear skin. As myself and others age, I am confident I can help people achieve a healthy and youthful look by the skills I will obtain from becoming an esthetician. Recently, I have found a renewed interest in learning about skin damage from the sun and aging. I firmly believe with the correct training and experience I can help others fight back against mother nature’s aging. Our skin is our largest organ and can be a drastic representation of our health and age. Of course we all know, personality and intellect are our most valued attributes. However, outward appearance can be just as important to many individuals and their self-confidence.

It’s Rewarding To Me To Help People

Estheticians can provide a variety of services just as unique as people are in everyday life. My massage services provide an inner shine to individuals and I hope to provide an outward shine as well. I have seen first-hand how massage, health coaching and personal training can benefit my clients. I firmly believe that esthetics will provide a next level opportunity for my clients to truly let their personal beauty shine.

Continued education in the massage field has provided constant educational and personal growth for me personally and professionally. I look to carry on that tradition with esthetics by constantly refining and improving my education and skills even after graduation. Most recently I have added cupping, ashiatsu, oncology and graston techniques to my massage skill set. My proven track record of constant education shows I will continue on a lifelong path of providing the absolute best services to my clients. Esthetics training from O’Briens Aveda Institute will provide the foundation for a lifelong personal foundation of growth and education in the field.

Finally, I am a person of technology and innovation. The fact my husband is a senior system and network engineer shows my longing and passion for being into technology and electronics. I look forward to furthering this passion as well in esthetics with continued education in dermabrasion as well as light and laser treatments. As with massage, esthetics will quickly become part of my core and who I am as a person.

Jolita Brilliant Sakmanaite, CMT

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