Using Essential Oils in Massage

Otherwise known as aromatherapy massage, using essential oils in massage is a real treat. It has many positive effects that make it a pleasure worth investing in.

There are two main reasons why a massage therapist may use essential oils in their treatments:

  • The essential oils used in massage can have beneficial effects on different areas of your body and health.
  • They smell nice – but the aroma isn’t just a pleasant addition to your treatment. Fragrances are well known to trigger emotions in the part of your brain that deals with memories. That is why the smell of your mom’s cooking or your grandma’s favorite perfume can transport you back in time and make you feel good. Like citrus or lavender oils, some scents have a very similar effect, and just inhaling them makes you feel good.

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Essential oils and pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you should always tell your massage therapist before an aromatherapy massage. Although essential oils are safe in most cases, there are a few specific essential oils to avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Essential oils and pain relief

Using essential oils in a massage is ideal if you’re experiencing symptoms like inflammation or pain. The aromatherapy adds an extra layer of benefit to a soothing massage and seems to magnify the effects of the treatment. This can give you even more relief than an essential massage.

Essential oils and stress

Just breathing in the gorgeously relaxing scent of lavender essential oil can calm you down if you’re having a stressful time. Lavender essential oil is excellent for pain relief and is widely used in stress-busting massage treatments.


So what is an aromatherapy massage like?

The first thing you’ll need to do is talk with your therapist about what you hope to get from your massage. Tell her all about any existing health conditions so that she can choose the best combination of oils for you. There are pre-blended mixes of essential oils for general use you can choose from. But many therapists also make up their mixes for each session.

When therapists put together a custom blend, they will often ask you to pick a fragrance that makes you feel good. There’s not much point in creating perfectly blended massage oil for you if you can’t bear the smell of it. Much worse, I can’t wait to get off the massage table!

If there’s any of your custom blended oil left after your massage, you’ll probably be given the rest to take home and use, which is a definite bonus.  After an aromatherapy massage, you’re likely to feel amazing – not only have you had the physical benefits of a relaxing massage, but the psychological boost that you’ll get from all the delicious essential oils will keep you coming back.

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