Face scrubbers are great for those with sensitive skin.

While microdermabrasion may be the most beloved form of physical exfoliation, however it uses crystals and a suction-vacuum method that can cause redness and some irritation. In comparison, an ultrasonic face spatula is just a very gentle procedure for the purpose of exfoliation. It works particularly best for red or rosacea-prone sensitive skin that typically doesn’t respond well to other exfoliation methods. As long as its done by a professional and its not pushed too had on the skin, that the effects are the opposite and can leave scarring.

Most people use them a bit too forcefully however.

Ultrasonic Spatula

The crucial thing with skin spatulas is to use them as intended, not as a satisfying way to squeeze your spots. Blackheads and spots aren’t best removed with force, squeezing, yanking, or scraping, all of which can leave you with scarring. Instead it’s best to use a salicylic acid or an oil cleanser to break down dirt and remove blockages. Tools such as the skin spatula are best used as a way to exfoliate the skin, help the absorption of product, or give yourself a mini facial massage with an oil.

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