Travel Massage

I often get people who comes for a massage while traveling, on work related or family trips. Travel Massage is a great idea, especially because while on a trip for work. You might feel disconnected for your surroundings, your family, loved ones, your home, your bed. So it is nice to feel comforted and cared for even just with a massage, yes from a stranger. But not so if you decide to come back even time you travel to the same therapist. It can create a nicer trip, while you know you’ll see someone you know- if its a private therapist. Might not be the case with spas, as people there change quite often. And you will get a massage that will make your muscles relax from long driving or flying.

Flying can be as exhausting as driving, as our body get tense without even noticing it at the moment. However the tension builds and comes out as neck, back pain, tight hamstrings, calfs and tension headaches. Furthermore, travel massage will help you to relax and forget a little bit any tasks or problems you need to tackle.

Travel massage, can be a massage that travels to you or your hotel as well. However always make you your re hiring a highly qualified therapist. Because when you are not going to the official massage office there is a higher risk of receiving a lower level of service. First of all therapist might not be able to bring all the tools. And most comfortable table that are available in the office. So always consider going to the location, as it might serve you better. Except if you are very short on time than, travel massage can be better than no massage.

Would love to share a post from my guest writer, my beloved boyfriend and big massage proponent, and someone who used to travel a lot for work:

“I will be the first one to admit – I travel a lot, maybe too much sometimes! Exploring new places is one of my passions – new food and cultures are two things that keep my mind and body going. Traveling has also afforded me the opportunity to experience many different forms of massage. From North America, all the way to far corners of Asia – I have yet to see it all and experienced only a tiny bit. One thing I always look forward to after a long flight is a massage. Nothing provides the needed release to relax sore muscles and increase my range of motion. I have noticed a substantial difference in my mind/body and also the ability to complete work with and without massage during travel and when at home.

During work trips, especially, I have started to build in a bit of extra time in order to receive travel massage as soon as possible when traveling in order to have a successful trip. I also find it imperative to book a massage as soon as possible when returning. Nothing can alleviate the stress and tension from a long trip and travel like a travel massage. The immediate and cumulative impact of massage are extremely noticeable – it can make all the difference, almost like night and day!

Take Action

Now, I could sit here all day and try to sell you on massage, but that is too hard. I am going to sell you on the fact as to why your body requires it. It’s not a matter of can you afford it for your mind and body, it’s a matter of if you cannot afford it. Be well!”

I highly recommend Jolita Brilliant if you happen to travel in Burlington, VT. Schedule a session with her today! She is reliable, licensed, insured and best at what she does!

-Nicholas R.