Top Shaving Tips for Men

a guy shaving with a razor and shaving foam on his face: text: top shaving tips for men Shaving – many men do it daily – and despite the regularity, some men never seem to get it quite right. Sore skin, shaving rashes, and irritation are common. And it’s hardly a surprise that so many men are taking the hipster lead and growing luxurious beards to compensate for their shaving dislike. So, we’ve got some top shaving tips just for you.

If the bearded look doesn’t appeal, but you’re looking for a few simple tips -we have them here.

Don’t Shave Straight Away.

Most men tend to shave as soon as they get up in the morning, but this isn’t always the best idea – skin can still be a little puffy when you get out of bed, so make a coffee and leave it to settle down for ten minutes before getting the razor to it.

Prepare Your Shave

Before you get started, make sure your skin is properly clean using soap or face wash and warm water. Don’t use boiling water, as this can dry your skin out.

Give It A Bit of Steam

If you have time, shave in the bath or shower as the steam will help open up the hair follicles, softening the hair. If you’re stuck for time, you can use a hot washcloth instead.

Lather Well

Invest in a good-quality shaving brush that helps you to create a luxurious lather. As well as helping you shave better by lathering, a good brush will help lift the hair ready for a closer shave and exfoliate the skin at the same time.

Double Up

For an extra close and smooth shave, you can also try adding a little shaving oil under your usual shaving foam, cream, or gel.

Ever Decreasing Circles

The best way to apply shaving gel or cream with your fingertips is by using a circular motion. The same applies to a shaving brush. This is because facial hair grows in several different directions at once, so if you lather in a circle, you’re less likely to miss any. It also helps the hair to pop out from the skin, making it easier to shave.


Take Your Shaving Slow

Yes, we know you’re on a mission and might be running late – but shaving in a hurry can lead to the dreaded razor burn.  Slow it right down, use shorter strokes, and take your time if possible.

Don’t Push It!

Modern razors are designed not to need much pressure for an effective, close shave. Pressing harder won’t get you a closer finish, but it is more likely to lead to skin irritation. Apply just enough pressure to keep the blade in contact with your skin for the best results.

Leave Lips Until Last

Because the hair on your top lip is thicker than the rest of your facial hair, leave it until the end of your shaving routine. This gives the foam or gel a chance to soften the hairs and gives you a more even result.

Take A Day Off

Your skin will thank you for giving it an occasional break, so once a week, give yourself a shave-free day and let your skin calm down. You may find that having a break gives you a closer and smoother finish next time around.


I hope these shaving tips can help you have a relaxing shaving time. And once you have your time off, give us a call or book online for a wonderful facial to relax your skin from your daily shaving routine. We’re always happy to serve you!


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