Too Sick for A Massage?

a sick woman in bed, holding a tissue on her nose: text: Too sick for a massage We’re all big fans of the healing powers of a good massage. And we love to tell you all about just how good a regular massage can make you feel. But there are times when a massage might not be the best way forward, and so if any of these apply to you, it might be better to reschedule for when you’re feeling better! That is the best thing to do when you are too sick for a massage.

Coughs, Colds and Flu

We get it. We know you’re feeling terrible, and you’d love to get a massage when you have the aches and pains of a bad cold. The thing is, it’s probably not going to do you as much good as it would normally. It might have the opposite effect on you.

One of the great things about a massage is boosting your circulation and lymphatic system. If you’re fighting off a bug, the last thing your lymphatic system needs is to be made to work harder, which is what a massage will do. It’s already busy trying to fight the germs and carry them out of your system.

Putting your body under pressure to work even more challenging when it’s already working as hard as it can to bring you back to health again can make you feel awful. If you’re feeling the effects of a cold or a virus, be kind to yourself. Cancel your massage session, rest up, drink lots of chicken soup, and come back when you’re fully recovered. That’s when you will feel all the positive effects of your massage treatment.

When Can Massage Make the Problems Worse?

If you attend a massage appointment when you’re feeling under the weather, you put yourself at a higher risk of catching another bug. You are also compromising your immune system by making it work harder.

This is why massage therapists encourage their clients not to get a massage if they are unwell. The pressure cancels out the benefits a massage can put on your immune system. It will help if you avoid Swedish and deep tissue style massages until you’re better. These are the massage types that stimulate your circulation the most and can overload your system.

It’s Not Always Good to Share

There’s no delicate way of putting this, so we’re just going to come right out and say it; we don’t want your germs!

Staying at home is the best if you have something nasty because you won’t feel any better for dragging yourself out to your massage appointment. And, if we catch it, we won’t be well either!

As most massage therapists work for themselves, illness isn’t just an inconvenience. It could mean that we cannot work, losing us money because we don’t want to pass the germs on to our other clients.

We will be pleased to see you again when you’re feeling better. And if you’re not sure whether you’re well enough to make your massage appointment, you probably aren’t. Cancel, re-book, and take the day off. You can call us anytime to cancel or re-book your appointment with us.


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