Eyelash Beauty Tips

  • If you never feel fully dressed without a few coats of mascara, you’re not alone. But your fave product can be pretty tough on your lashes—especially if you’re using a waterproof one. That’s because taking it off is a b*tch.
  • Remove make up thoroughly. – double cleanse preferably.
  • Use Lash Conditioner.
  • Use Natural brand mascara for everyday.
  • Be gentle with your lashes now, and your entire eye area will look youthful and radiant for years. Use a cotton ball and take your time.
  • Use Waterproof Mascara only for special occasions.
  • Use Lash Primer.
  • Never rip your false eyelashes. Use Make Up Remover.
  • Never Sleep with your make-up!
  • Curl Your Eyelashes.
  • Use Latisse if your derm can prescribe it.

Repeatedly using falsies or extensions with harsh glues, could result in ripping out the eyelashes themselves or causing damage to the follicle, which leads to them not growing back in . What’s more, liquid eyeliner can sometimes create a chemical reaction, cementing the glue to the natural lash and causing fallout.

It’s important to know what’s in the glue used to apply them. Some lash glues contain ingredients such as latex or formaldyhide, so be sure to check the label or ask your lash extension technician for more information. False eyelashes that contain a gentler glue should be safer for every day use.

False Eyelash Application

Apply only a tiny bit of glue and let it get ya my before you apply won’t small tweezers it takes practice I usually only apply one one side and than slowly adhere everywhere else equitably so they don’t look crocked.

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