Top Tips for a Peaceful Sleep

boy sleeping under a comforter and a girl looking on him: text: tips for a peaceful sleep Why do we need to switch our brains off for at least 8 hours a day? Sleep lets our body and brain rest giving us a brand new morning. They call it beauty sleep because you don’t look great or feel superb without enough sleep. If your morning face starts to look a bit tired and emotional, there must be some problem with your sleep. Try these tips for a better and peaceful night’s sleep.

Set a regular bedtime

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. That includes weekends, days off, holidays, and duvet days. Going to bed consistently lulls your body into regular sleep, promoting better quality sleep. If you struggle to doze off after 15 minutes, get up and do something, but nothing too stimulating.

Reduce long daytime naps

Short power naps are beneficial, but prolonged or irregular day naps can negatively affect your good night’s sleep. Study shows that napping for 30 minutes or less can improve brain function. And also, avoid doing your power nap late in the day. So if you are having trouble sleeping at night, prevent or shorten your naps.

Eat right for good sleep.

Don’t go to bed feeling stuffed after a big meal or so hungry that your tummy is rumbling. Avoid drinking too much before bed as you might find yourself waking up needing to go to the bathroom!

Avoid stimulants before going to sleep.

Some people can get away with nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol before bed, but many of us are sensitive to these stimulants. Nicotine and caffeine can take 6-8 hours to get out of your system – and alcohol might make you sleepy at first, but you’ll pay the price with a broken night’s sleep.

Create a sleep-inducing bedroom.

Try to make your bedroom an ideal place for comfort and relaxation. Use high-quality mattresses and pillows. Choose comfortable beddings. You can also use a bedside diffuser for a more pleasant sleep. Try lavender essential oils that provide calmness, relaxation, and a fresh smell for your bedroom.

Design your bedtime ritual

Please do the same things each night, and your body will get used to the idea that it’s time to slow down, ready for bed. Do whatever works for you; it could be a warm bath or shower, a good book, or listening to music. Try to avoid phones, TV, or tablets before bed, as screen time close to bedtime has been shown to interfere with sleep.

A peaceful night’s sleep will undoubtedly give you glowing skin in the morning. And for better skin, always make sure to secure an appointment with our licensed esthetician for your regular facial. Book your facial session now! Sweet dreams!


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