The White Diet After Teeth Whitening

girl holding an apple: text: the white diet after teeth whitening Naturally, we do everything to make the most out when we make any investment. And teeth whitening is one of the best investments you can make esthetically. Since we invest our hard-earned money in teeth whitening, how can we make it last? Choosing the right food to eat a week before and a few days after the teeth whitening can help you maintain your bright and whiter smile for longer. Try eating from the “white diet” to keep your newly whitened teeth at their brightest.

Multiple studies show that the food and beverages we consume can significantly affect the color of our teeth. However, if you’ve just had your teeth whitening session, your teeth are more susceptible to stains. It is recommended to avoid acidic and highly colored food at least 48 hours after the teeth whitening procedure.

How Does White Diet Works?

Whitening creams make the pores of your teeth temporarily open for around two to three weeks making your teeth extra porous. This time also, the dentin of your teeth is temporarily exposed, and colored foods are easily absorbed by your teeth and can cause discoloration. The number of dyes and pigments coming in contact with newly whitened teeth can be limit by strictly following the white diet.

The white diet literally means what it sounds like. It includes all foods and beverages that are not bright and vivid in color, such as:

White rice/white bread

Grains are generally safe after a teeth whitening procedure.

Pasta with white sauce

Be on the lookout for food coloring on the ingredients. It may cause discoloration on your teeth.

Fruits and vegetables

Light-colored fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, potatoes, bananas, and apples are safe to eat after the session. And they are not only good for your teeth but also healthy.

Chicken and white fish

Fish and chicken are healthy in general and great after the teeth whitening treatment. Just be cautious of the sauces and seasoning. It is safer to stick to the white sauce for your chicken and fish meals.

Dairy products

White cheese and plain yogurt, and milk are ideal for this white diet. Stay out of artificially colored dairy products.

Egg whites

It will be best to remove the yoke when cooking your egg.

Cereals, oats, or porridge

Always go for plain colored cereals and oats. You can also add some milk for a great bowl.


Water is the best choice of beverage when you’re on a white diet. There is no risk of staining your teeth or damaging your tooth enamel. However, some beverages have a low risk of staining your teeth. It includes tonic water, sparkling water, or skimmed milk. Using a straw can minimize the contact between any beverages with your teeth.

  • Wine
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dark-colored fruits like cherries, blackberries/blueberries, and pomegranates
  • Chocolates and candies
  • Softdrinks

The best way to maintain your pearly white smile is to have good oral hygiene habits. Have your teeth whitened by experienced professionals. Now that we can go maskless, teeth whitening is a great way to transform the appearance of your smile. Book your teeth whitening sessions with us now.

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