The Benefits of Pre-Event Sports Massage Therapy

girl in white shirt and blue shorts having her sports training: text: the benefits of pre-event sports massage therapy If you’re taking part in a sports event, you’ll probably be training hard and eating well. This is to make sure that your body is as well prepared as possible. But what about pre-event massage? Did you know that there are many benefits of pre-event sports massage therapy?

What Is Pre-Event Sports Massage?

A pre-event massage happens anytime from two days to immediately before the event. And it is a great way to get yourself into the perfect frame of mind to take on the race or event. It’s common for athletes to have a massage session right before a big event. An immediately pre-event massage will most likely be short and to the point, unlike your usual massage sessions.

Usually, a pre-event massage will last 10-15 minutes and be treated as part of a warm-up. A certified massage therapist should carry out the pre-event sports massage before the rest of your warm-up as it’s relaxing for your muscles and might undo all the good work of the warm-up if you have it afterward! A massage just before an event won’t need oils or lubricants, as these can be uncomfortable when you’re taking part in an event.

Why Would You Have a Pre-Event Sports Massage?

The most important benefit of a pre-event sports massage is that it can boost your muscles’ blood supply. This is obviously a good thing – you want your muscles to perform at their best during an event. Pre-event massage techniques often involve compression and friction to warm up muscles. It will also get the blood flowing to where you need it for your top performance.

Having a pre-event massage may also be a great supplement to your normal warm-up session as it helps accomplish the same goals as a warm-up. Pre-event massage is beneficial for stretching out the muscles and soft tissues in preparation for the event.

Massage also helps joint mobility – a definite bonus for any sporting performance. More flexible joints give athletes an advantage, especially if they need you to be supple and agile. If speed is the main requirement, massage that promotes joint mobility might be best avoided immediately before an event as it can slow you down. Massage would still benefit speedy athletes in the weeks leading up to an event, though.

There’s no doubt that massage can improve your state of mind in the lead-up to a big event. It can help you if you suffer from pre-event nerves. Most importantly, it will help you focus on performing well in your chosen sport.

So, if you want to make the next race, game, or event your best, consider adding a few pre-event massage appointments to your training calendar! Give us a call or book online now, and we will give you the best pre-event massage to boost your best perfo9rmance.

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