The Beauty of a Body Scrub

Do you need a bit of a boost and want a delicious massage with an invigorating, skin-reviving body scrub? Why not give a body scrub treatment a go? You won’t discover the beauty of a body scrub unless you try one.

Salt scrubs are fabulous for brightening up dull skin. A good scrub will give your skin a zing while giving you all the benefits of a body massage too.

Some mineral salt scrubs contain therapeutic salts like magnesium sulfate. They contain essential minerals that don’t just help your skin. They also help reduce inflammation. Combining these two powerful ingredients in the salt scrub improves your skin’s condition. It intensely nourishes your skin and giving you a real treat.

Salt scrub massage removes dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can leave skin looking grey and tired if left where they are. Get them exfoliated away with good quality products and a fantastic massage. And all of that flaky skin will disappear, leaving you with gorgeously supple soft skin underneath. Exfoliation can also give the sort of glow that you can usually only achieve with a week in the sun.

Having a Good Body Scrub

A good scrub leaves pores cleaned and unclogged from the build-up of dirt and bacteria. The anti-bacterial qualities of salt are well known – keeping skin clean and free from bacteria that can lead to acne and breakouts and prevent any itchiness.

A nourishing salt scrubs conditions deeply and gives your skin back its radiant glow. Special massage techniques help the essential oils and conditioning ingredients in the scrub penetrate your skin and get to work. The friction between salt and skin encourages blood circulation, which gives your skin an attractive rosy post-scrub glow.

Salt also has healing properties if you’re prone to skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis – although we don’t recommend it during a breakout as it can undoubtedly sting if you have any active rashes!

Removing all the dead skin cells during a salt scrub also encourages the regeneration of new skin cells, which in turn has a tightening effect on your skin, which leaves it looking younger and fresher.

Want to spoil yourself? Why not book your usual massage and a salt body scrub at the same time. You won’t regret giving yourself the me-time you deserve.

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