– been very helpful to address the things that I wanted to, and I have been able to improve, lost 5 pounds and got rid of diet soda addiction.
– Sergio Aya.

– I love how I’m feeling and it is that encouragement of knowing that I can slot transform my self, but first it takes believing.
– Rebecca Bryntesen.

– Hi Jolita I just wanted to update you. I did 17days of fresh juices all day and then a raw vegan dinner. I am now on day 3 of my juice fast. I can feel my body begining to detox. I think I may go for an extended juice fast-but we will see. It is amazing how much easier all juice is compared to juice/dinner. I have stopped the medications, except the high blood pressure medicine which I cut in half. I feel better and very happy that I have followed your advice.i just want to thank you again for helping me focus on what to try next. I was really out of ideas when we talked. Take care.Georgina

Murray Utah
Thanks for your video exposing Victoria Arnstein. Ever since the first video I saw her with her family speaking about the fruitiest. I thought she was not a good person and a dingbat. Right on to you!

Vince Barrios
Thanks for everything you do and the inspritation, you are looking super healthy.




811 and vegan quitting help help stories here:

Horrendous Vegan, 80/10/10 and Raw Vegan Failure Stories. Let them eat meat.

If you are thinking to try to do 30bananasaday diet or 811 diet long term get ready for mineral deficiencies, cavities, mental retardation and more. video testimonial: For those asking my current diet program and traini…

-On the to a permanent weight loss.
-Jasmine Fine.

– Kevin Georgina Grayson Simon He Jolita Brilliant! I am on day 17/60 of my reboot juice fast. I have lost 18 pounds so far. I want to thank you for the coaching call we had-it made a huge difference ♥

-Be the change you want to be. Serving others is what matters. Keep up the work and sharing yourself. It matters.
-Ronald J Laino

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