Stretching Compliments Massage Therapy

You can do stretching beyond your sessions in the massage room or yoga class.

I love incorporating Thai Yoga and Stretching to the people, but as well I recommend that if you can do some stretching on your own! It will do you good.

While getting a massage to help destress your body is a wonderful thing, it’s also important to maintain flexibility in other ways too. Stretching is a great compliment to massage. You can do it every day or before and after exercise or whenever that ache reappears. Stretching allows the muscles to stay supple, permitting you to keep moving the way you expect your body to.

Good stretch for full body!

I try to get a yoga type stretch at home once a week, usually Sundays!

There’s a common expression in life – ‘use it or lose it.’

This certainly applies when it comes to stretching the body.

Unfortunately however, many people avoid it, execute it poorly or don’t do enough of it. The body relies on being stretched, much like a car needs regularly servicing.

Here are some of the benefits of stretching:

  • Improves flexibility – Being flexible is beneficial for everyday life. It allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, thus increasing your overall physical ability.
  • Improves the range of motion in your joints – This provides better balance, which will help keep you mobile and less susceptible to falls.
  • Improves circulation – Stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles, thus improving your circulation.
  • Relieves stress – Stretching relaxes tense muscles that often accompany stress. This helps relax the mind as well.
  • Injury prevention and recovery – Stretching helps condition the muscles and joints, thus helping to prevent injuries and reduce recovery time.
  • Improves posture and technique– Stretching prevents muscles and joints from seizing up and improves elasticity, allowing better posture and technique.And it doesn’t just end there…
  • Length of relaxed muscles increases
  • Increased power and elasticity of our muscles
  • Increased endurance and metabolism
  • Assist in achieving better coordination, muscle control and proper technique in sport
  • Enable your body to perform more with less energy
  • It simply feels good!