What stem cells are and how they work

Human stem cells are unique because of their ability to divide. In certain organs, they can even become specialized to repair and replace damaged tissues.

Stem cells contain amino acids and peptides, which are skin care powerhouse ingredients for skin rejuvenation.

Stem cells naturally have antioxidant properties and they nourish skin cells which promotes cell turnover and increases collagen production.

This could result in fewer lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and tone, and younger, better-looking skin.

Most cell skin care products contain plant stem cells, and more specifically, stem cell extracts.

These extracts are often rich in antioxidants and may provide growth factors to help renew and repair the skin.

The efficacy of stem cells in skin care depends on who you ask.

I personally am not convinced about why exactly stem cells are suddenly buzzing in the skin care world. They can be rich in antioxidants and often contain hydrators and moisturizers, so they can be good for the skin.

But do I think they are more effective than non-stem cell products? Not necessarily.

It similar like growth hormone we wrote about here:

The Truth About Growth Factors in Skin Care. Are they effective?