Spring Skincare Secrets

pink tulips on a tin can: text: spring skincare secrets It’s time to spring up your skin. The sun appears after being battered by the cold and wind all winter. And now is the ideal time for you to book those spa appointments and get your skin to glow with our spring skincare secrets.

Have a Facial

The first thing you might want to consider is getting your skin looking best at this time of year. Why don’t we start by sloughing off the dead skin of the last few months? Book yourself for a deliciously refreshing exfoliating facial packed with nourishing and firming ingredients that make for a gorgeous glow.

Try Hydrafacial

If that idea appeals to you, why not take things a step further and invest in your skin this season? There are so many unique, rejuvenating facial treatments available, and there will be something that’s bound to suit you and your skincare routine. For example, have you thought about trying hydrafacial? This is a fantastic way to refresh the condition of your skin. A hand-held machine uses tiny crystals to exfoliate the top layer of skin, while hydrating serums are added to soothe and plump. A course of hydrafacial treatments will leave your skin looking fabulous. Just one treatment often reveals brighter, younger-looking skin. Ask your esthetician for more information.

Peel for Spring

Another top-class spring skin saver is the peel. Skin peels range from gentle to intense, and while the stronger peels suit people who might need extra help because of a specific skin condition, a mild peel generally works for most people. These can also be booked as multiples and have a cumulative effect. They remove the top, dead layer of skin cells and reveal the fresh, younger-looking skin underneath. Your esthetician will discuss what suits you and how often you should have a peel.

More for Spring Skincare

Of course, what goes into your body has a significant effect on your skin’s condition. Like many of us, you might have swapped your water intake with hot drinks and warming soups over the winter. It’s time to up your intake of cool, plain water again. Ensure that your moisturizer contains an excellent broad-spectrum sunscreen so that you don’t get caught out with the emergence of the sun’s rays after all this time. We have a lot of skincare products in our shop. And why not change up your diet too? Ditch the stodgy comfort food for spring fruits and veggies, lighter meals, and nutritious salads that give your skin (and the rest of you) even more glow this spring season.

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