Sports Massage Helps Sports Activity

Sports Massage mixed with deep tissue massage is my favorite type of massage to receive. “Being an ultra-cyclist – I am not sure where I would be without massage and the benefits of massage. During the summer, I routinely find myself cycling around 80 miles per day, if not more. Tight IT bands and tight glutes from constant high power output have been a hindrance in the past. Being able to experience massage on a regular basis has finally calmed those tight areas. Furthermore it allowed me to push past limits I previous was unable to extend past.

In the past, I was able to accomplish a fairly consistent cadence of around 90 to 95 – resulting in an output of about 2.9 to MAYBE 3.0 watts per kilo. After only a single 90-minute massage session I noticed an increase in power output to an average of about 3.2 to 3.3 watts per kilo – about a 10% increase even at the same cadence. I also experienced far less fatigue in my legs and lower back as my muscles were significantly less strained and more relaxed.

Honestly, I easily recommend massage for any cyclists (or really anyone in general) the benefits have been insanely great for myself. And one of the things I look forward to the most is my next session. Be well!”

In the end, I recommend getting a massage from Jolita Brilliant. If you are in Burlington, VT find her in 35 King Street, set 9, Burlington downtown. As she is the best at combining various styles like sports therapy and deep tissue massage.