Rice Experiment

Have you heard about this Rice Experiment? First introduced by Dr. Masaru Emotos from Japan.

Here is some other dudes experiment on the youtube:

Thought’s change your reality?


Emotos Rice Experiment.

I amotos rice experiment have performed this same experiment at home, and it does worked. The change was that the bad one was moldy and more mushy and had pink liquid in it. The Love on was more intact and did not had liquids or molds in it, even thought it did turn brown as well.



Do you believe in it? or is ti just a coincidence?

Not sure…

There is also experiments on water: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

Want to try it?  Read On:

So what is this “Rice experiment”?

Anyone can easily reproduce it at home and repeatedly. Take 2 small glass jars with lids thoroughly washed. Next time you cook rice (only white), draw 2-3 tablespoons of cooked rice and put them in each jar to fill roughly a quarter or a third party. You close them tightly. On the first jar you mark a message  with a positive intent (I love you, thank you, or drawing of a heart …. everyone makes it his own way). On the second jar you mark a message with a negative intent (I’m hating you, you’re crazy, ….). Place the jars in the same room with similar lighting and at a reasonable distance from each other.

Each day, all you have to do is to spend a few moments to feel for each jar the intent for which it was dedicated to.

After a few days or weeks, you will see that the rice that receives good intents, keeps perfectly well at room temperature and without sterilization. The control jar will blacken and rot fairly quickly. Initially the one receiving negative intents (or nothing), is primarily used as control jar as to realize, by comparison, the power of the experiment. If the experiment was successful at the first time, and you decide to repeat, this control jar is no more indispensable. Or, in any case, it is better not to send any negative intent, you will understand why by yourself.

This experience is particularly impressive for rational minds:

Those who must see to believe. It requires, however, to consider believing in it, and to realize it with real positive intents. If you do not consider this as possible, and want to prove that it is not, then it’s likely the result you’ll get. The intents you send to the rice must indeed be real, pure, otherwise it does not get the expected result.

Daily exercise helps to achieve it.

If the experiment is successful, it is worthwhile to repeat it. First to prove that it has not succeeded by chance. But also to better understand the process intuitively, because with experience, the result will improve. If the positively influenced rice stays ok a few more days or few weeks in a first experiment, it can maintain its original appearance several months or more in a second one, even in summer when the temperature reaches above 25 ° C indoors, day or night.