Music is therapeutic in itself

When I perform any massage I play pleasant music, but especially for relaxing massage spa music is a great asset. While I did perform sports massage one time while listening to a gangster rap (by the request of my client) for a relaxing massage I would not make that kind of accommodation. in most of my sessions I play usually Ben Leinbach’s songs. Thats so called New Age style music, and it works great. Music helps people to relax much more during their massage session, even if its painful treatment with a lot of pressure. even thought surprisingly there is even greater relaxation with more pressure because the muscles are worked out deeper. So working with quality music in any style of massage is a great asset.

I know some people don’t like “spa music”, however it does work! And most people won’t even notice how it makes them to drift of into a different place. Never under estimate the power of music combined with a custom massage, and deep tissue massage! This art could make you feel like you slept for awhile and you feel regenerated!

If you do not want to talk during your massage, feel free not to, and just “go to sleep”, Ill wake you or quietly ask you to move when its time to turn, etc. When you receive a Massage it’s like getting a workout without actually having to work out. Just laid back and listen to the relaxing music, and tell me if the pressure is good! Your feedback is always appreciated.

Perfect example to very powerful relaxing massage music:

This is yet another level listen, to which- “Neuroscientists Discover A Song That Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent. Hear It Yourself!
Marconi Union – Weightless (Official Video)