Formulated with beautiful skin in mind

This rich, luxurious moisturizer deeply hydrates the skin while providing anti-aging benefits. 

  • Improved moisture retention and skin barrier function for long-lasting hydration
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improved skin fullness and plumping
  • Great for cooler seasons and wintertime when our skin gets dehydrated even easier with all the heaters drying out the air

HydraLuxe 1.8 oz

Facial care Vermont

Deeply hydrate the skin with this rich, luxurious moisturizer. Essential for anti-aging, dry and sensitive skin, HydraLuxe improves moisture retention

PCA products are scientifically developed and carefully formulated to improve the health and appearance of your unique skin. We understand the importance of formulating with the best combinations of innovative ingredients to provide you with safe, highly effective products that deliver on their promises. All of our products are free of potential irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances. PCA SKIN does not perform or condone animal testing.

  • IQ: Adaptive Hydration – an advanced complex that regulates moisture levels in the skin, reduces water loss and adapts the formula to different environments. 
  • Snow algae – improves skin hydration and prevents environmental damage for skin longevity. 
  • Chicory leaf extract – a botanical that strengthens the skin’s structure and reduces the visible signs of aging. 
  • Peony extract – maintains and improves skin volume, and supports long-term healthy skin.

easy application stepsSmooth a nickel-sized amount onto skin day or night after cleansing and applying any PCA SKIN® corrective products. Apply a small amount and allow it to penetrate. During the day, follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN broad spectrum SPF product.

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