Post Sports Event Massage – How Does It Help?

an athlete on the racetrack having her training: text: post sports event massage After a big sports event, your performance will stretch your body to its limits. You will more than likely be feeling tired and sore. The ideal time for a massage, we think! That’s when post sports event massage will help.

A post-event massage typically performs anything from 30 minutes up to a day and a half after a race or event. It’s designed primarily to help improve your blood circulation. It also gets the lymph flowing and relax tired muscles after you’ve pushed them hard.

What’s A Post-Event Massage?

Getting a post-event massage will give you an immediate boost, however well you performed in the event. If you opt for a massage immediately after the event, it will be short yet effective as a pre-event massage. Targeting all the areas, you’ve over-used and may be hurting. It’ll be a 15-minute session that quickly gets the blood flowing where it’s needed for repairs. It stretches your muscles and relieves any cramps or tightness.

Massage after a sporting event is most likely to involve light pressure as well as stretching techniques. These will help to get your muscles back to normal after a big event involving strenuous exercise. It can help to de-stress the mind and body and prevent delayed onset muscles, fatigue, and muscle tightness.

Why Do I Need A Post-Event Massage?

You’ve put your body to the test during a big sporting event. Now it needs to recover! Your muscles will feel tight after you’ve completed an event. This can be a result of tiny, microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. Although this is perfectly normal, tight muscles can lead to injuries like muscle strains and tears if not dealt with. And what is the perfect way to soothe stressed muscles? Of course, a massage! It can also boost lymph movement around your body which can help prevent lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

A post-event massage may help prevent the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and is good for overall recovery after any strenuous exercise. If you’re feeling stiff and sore, a good post-event massage will revive you, helping to improve your range of movement, reduce soreness, fatigue, and more. The rubbing and friction help to warm up muscles which relax and loosens muscle fibers too.

If you’ve had a cramp during the event, be sure to tell the massage therapist. A massage therapist can perfectly target specific techniques on the affected areas. If you have had cramps in several areas, your therapist will probably advise you to drink plenty of fluids, and fluids with electrolytes, which can be down to dehydration. Tell the therapist if you have any other symptoms, too, like any lightheadedness or dizziness, although it’s quite normal to feel a bit wobbly after the massage.

Afterward, remember to book more massage sessions. Sports massage is the ideal type of massage for athletes, for obvious reasons. Ideally, you should try and book something weekly after a big event to help heal and strengthen your musculoskeletal system and prepare you for your next event.

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