Perfect Skin for Your Wedding Day

beautiful lady in her wedding dress and makeup: text: perfect skin for your wedding day The wedding date is set, and the venue is booked, but what about the bride? How will you get picture-perfect skin for your big day and a look that won’t let you down in the wedding photos? Maybe it’s time to prepare the perfect skin for your wedding day.

Start thinking about when to schedule your facials and treatments. Start talking with your licensed and trusted esthetician for treatments and a home beauty regime for your big day. Do your homework before the big day. And you can have a gorgeous glow that makes you smile even more on your wedding day.

Start Early with Skincare Treatments

There’s no quick fix to wedding-perfect skin, so starting early will do you significant favors. Most experts suggest starting your pre-wedding skincare routine a year in advance if you have long enough.

Start scheduling your facials and skincare treatments with an esthetician or at a spa well in advance. Booking several sessions in advance is also kinder on your pocket as many places will give discounts for block bookings. You can also opt to avail yourself of their membership program. From there, you can choose the level depending on your treatment needs. Look into organizing monthly facials that include massaging your skin, scalp, and décolletage and asking for any specialist treatments to be booked simultaneously. Your esthetician will be able to tell you when is best to have specific treatments.

Microdermabrasion is one treatment you may want to add to your pre-wedding prep list. It can smooth out your skin’s appearance and helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores – as does glycolic acid and other chemical peels. The right skincare treatments will work wonders as part of a pre-wedding routine, helping to exfoliate away the layers of dead skin and minimize pore surface.

Chemical peels are a great pre-wedding skin primer as they slough off dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface, ready for your close-ups. To get the best from this treatment, you will need more than one session, ideally, six sessions, a few weeks or more apart, depending on how close your wedding date is.

Clean Up at Home

You’ll want to keep your skin as blemish-free as possible for your wedding, and the work starts at home with suitable skin products. Use a mild face wash or cleanser suitable for your skin type, skip the toner – it makes oil production worse – and add an oil-free moisturizer. Don’t overdo the cleansing, as excessive face washing makes your pores produce even more sebum, leading to even oilier skin.

Facial Wash

Get Your Moisturizer Perfect

This is where you also need advice from an expert. Getting a good moisturizer that hydrates well but doesn’t make your skin oily is paramount for perfect wedding skin.

If you have oily or combination skin, you need to hydrate without adding extra moisture, so look for an oil-free formula with hyaluronic acid to help the skin hold onto water.

Hyaluronic acid is also suitable for drier and normal skin, but there’s no need to find an oil-free formula.

For sensitive skin, look for a gentle, preferably fragrance-free product.

Your esthetician will be able to recommend a skincare range that works with your skin and give you any advice you need on what to use. You can start by giving your esthetician a call.

Keep Your Lips Kissable for the Wedding

You’ll be doing a lot of kissing on your wedding day, so make sure your lips are in tip-top condition by protecting them with a moisturizing lip balm with SPF. This is especially important if you’re prone to chapping or spending lots of time outdoors.

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