If you have Oily Skin?

Summertime chemical peels are a great option for those of us who are tired of reaching for an oil blotting sheet every hour. It can smooth out the skin and help with acne. In summer oily skin can get even oilier and more problematic.

Quick Fix!?

Opps you didn’t do it in the winter time and now the summer is here! And the wedding of the year is just around the corner. You would like to shed the dullness and rough old skin cells you have from winter time. No need to splurge on a professional makeup artist, your makeup will apply smoother than ever on your baby skin. 

In summer you prefer not to wear foundation?

Less make up in summer time is a natural tendency a lot of people have. just because we get more sweaty, and spent more time by the pool. If you find yourself constantly trying to cover and conceal, getting a peel, regenerate your skin and let your skin breath might be the way to go. All you need to do is apply sunscreen.

A Little Bit Of Planning

While it is fine to receive light peels during summer, like enzyme peels, or peel alternatives, as long as you are wearing sunscreen, we don’t recommend getting medium and deeper peels during summer. Or at least a month before you will have a large exposure to the sun. So if you didn’t plan in advance to get the deeper peel early enough before that mid summer vacation at a facial spa office, alternatively, you can get a chemical peel nearing the end of summer to be glowing for your last hurrah while also treating your sun damage from the prior weeks or months of outdoor summer activities.  Winning!

-Brilliant Massage Therapy,

PCA Certified Provider