The Key to Success is layering your income:

Ways for Passive Income:

Real Estate

Buy a Multi Unity Property for supplemental income instead of one door house.

Buying a home that needs cosmetics renovation and is in a market that has demand for rentals is ideal investments.


Service Business

Hire employees for more freedom to take on other projects, opportunities or hobbies or more free time.

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Investing Into Stocks

I personally Invest in ETF’s and Target Date Funds. Less risk and fairly big return on investment. I like Vanguard for low fees and trustworthiness.

Investing Into Cryptocurrencies

Buy when its down. Hold it, and sell at the height of the market for profit. I live using coin base for all of my coins!

Amazon FBA

My newest project, I am launching several product currently. I will update with the outcomes! Subscribe to my youtube channel for more!

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Amazon Affiliate Sales or Any other Company Affiliate

For example I am an affiliate to amazon shopping place. Any one can sign up.

But you can sign up for other various software companies or retail businesses to be an affiliate for.

Also I am an affiliate to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. For amazons product research software, I love using it and thats why I recommend it.
It important o me that products I am recommending I like and use it myself.


It requires a lot of hard work and persistance, it is not as easy as it used to be. But if you are creative and have value to share you will succeed. even though time investment is pretty large to be successful.


Required consistent posting. And quality content as well as youtube to be successful. More suitable for creative people.