Therapeutic Music

Relaxing music can add to the therapeutic effects of massage!

Be transported to another place, like your own mini trip to forest with bird sounds or immersion into therapeutic other sounds! Enjoy an amazing surround musical face cradle with a chosen playlist and adjustable volume, you will hear relaxing music right in your face cradle vs general speakers in the studio. Artist: Marconi Union Scientific Relaxation Music or Ocean, Birds, Water, Rain sounds, Piano, Jazz, Chill or Bring your own iPod with your own Music! Also we can find a new song for you on the spot through youtube.

It is well-known and documented that music has been used for millennia, formally and informally, to change, create, or enhance moods and to help relieve suffering.  Therapeutic music is music that is intended to alleviate a physical, emotional, or mental concern.  Common usage of the term usually refers to acoustic music played or sung live in a variety of healthcare settings, to enhance the healing atmosphere. But recorded music works as well.  Any music can be therapeutic, as well as rock and and pop. However there is some tracks that has been created to specifically promote relaxation and sleep, etc.

Therapeutic music is offered by CMPs and other trained therapeutic musicians and recording artists. Any of these musicians who produce this music hold an awareness that bringing beauty, presence, and the power of music into a healthcare or any environment may facilitate healing.  These therapeutic musicians focus on meeting a patient’s present needs with therapeutic music in-the-moment, rather than having the intention of accomplishing a specific goal or outcome.


According to the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Music, benefits of therapeutic music can include, but are not limited to:

  • Distracting and disassociating from the present situation
  • Refocusing attention
  • Altering the sense of time
  • Relieving anxiety of the critically ill
  • Reducing stress and stabilizing blood pressure of the chronically ill
  • Augmenting pain management
  • Bridging communication between loved ones
  • Relieving body and mental tension of the pre-surgery patient
  • Accelerating physical healing of post-surgery and injured patients
  • Easing the birth delivery process
  • Aiding mental focus in Alzheimer’s patients
  • Easing the dying during transition
  • Supporting vital signs of acute patients
  • Now we also have a face cradle that can accommodate any music source, so you can even bring your own iPod or plug in a  phone!
    We Have Massage Face Cradle With Music

    We Have Massage Face Cradle With Music

    • Crescent Headrest with Multi-Density 4-Inch Cushioning System
    • NXT Surface Sound Technology
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack with 12-hour Playback

This face cradle we can use with on-site corporate massage chair! Nice to use, when there is noisy office background noice!

We Can Play For You:

“An ethereal sense of eternally free flowing dimensions…worth the wait” – DJ Mag 8/10 “Two years after [Weightless] was declared ‘the most relaxing tune ever’ they’ve delivered five further, equally calming, pieces worthy of men once asked to remaster the Eno’s back catalogue”

Audio Credits: Title: “We Travel” Produced by: Marconi Union Members: Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley, Duncan Meadows Album: A Lost Connection Released: 2008 Label: © 2008, “MU Transmissions” Track: 6 of 7 Original Length: 7:02 Official Website:

We have playlists like these below one, nature, birds, ocean, piano, Jazz, Chill and similar.


This is called Sound Therapy. You can add this to your massage as an add-on just let us know!

Music Therapy is a different modality:


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