Massage for Regular Headaches

a masseuse giving a neck and head massage: text: massage for regular headaches Headaches can be a real misery, and sometimes it seems as if you’ve tried everything to get rid of them. But still, they keep on coming back. Painkillers can seem like the obvious choice because, yes, they do work – but then the headache will often return. If you’re really unlucky, you may also end up with a rebound headache. This is common, especially for people who take painkillers regularly. So, what can you do? Why not try a massage for regular headaches?

If your doctor tells you that medically you’re fine and sends you away with instructions to relax and get some sleep, it might feel as though you’re not being taken seriously. If getting more sleep and less stress was the answer, we have found a way to do it now. And in any case…life isn’t that simple. And you still have a headache.

Massage therapy might be a way out of the headache hell. The good thing is, it doesn’t involve taking drugs that only end up making the problem worse.

More Americans complain about headaches than any other medical condition. It’s thought that around 45 million Americans suffer from headaches every year. But of course, that’s only the people who report them. Statistically, it’s around one in every six people, with more than eight million Americans going as far as seeing their doctor about it.

How Can Massage Help A Headache?

Massage has two main benefits when it comes to beating regular headaches.

A massage can help headaches that are caused by trigger points, muscle spasms, and general tension. These are thought to be a major cause of headaches. And a massage therapist has some great tools to help give you relief from the pain – her hands. Like the back of your skull, some points on your body can bring on a feeling of deep relaxation. This spot is a great place to massage for anyone who has tension headaches.

Regular massage helps regulate your body’s hormones that manage your mood, sleeping patterns, and appetite. We all know that we are more prone to headaches if we feel tired, have low blood sugar, or are just in a bad mood. Regulating the hormones responsible for those can really help decrease the number of headaches you experience.

What Else Can You Do About Regular Headaches?

Many other things will help banish your regular sore heads. Your licensed massage therapist will be able to give you a bit of advice about what might work for you. As well as providing healing hands of course. Ensure to tell her about your work environment, sleeping habits and arrangements, and even how much coffee you drink. These are all potential triggers for headaches. Doing little tweaks could substantially reduce the number of bad heads you suffer from.

With something as common as a headache, often it’s the simple things that can make all the difference. A muscle tension easing massage can potentially relieve headaches caused by bad posture, too many pillows, or not getting enough exercise, reducing pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that compound the problem.

So next time you reach to pop another pill, remember that masking the pain with a drugstore remedy will not stop your headaches. Better call us now or book yourself in for a massage treatment and give yourself the gift of long-term pain relief!


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