Massage for Digestive Problems

having a massage; text massage for digestive problems Digestive disorders are pervasive in America. Whether they are stress-related, caused by our diet, or just one of those things, the symptoms of a stomach complaint can leave you feeling drained of energy. And it is quite frankly horrible. So, most people ask, can massage help with digestive problems?

Massage can be fantastic at relaxing you and reducing your stress levels. This, in turn, helps to reduce digestive problems. It also helps relieve pain in irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and even chronic constipation. If you suffer from IBS, most doctors’ advice is to find ways to avoid and relieve your stress. And massage is one of the most excellent ways we can imagine doing just that!

How Does Massage Works With Your Digestive Problems?

If you come for a massage and tell our massage therapists that you have a digestive issue, we can use special techniques to help you deal with the pain. We’ll gently locate the troublesome parts of the body where there’s a build-up of tension. The massage therapist then applies the correct pressure to release that tension on your body.

When we’re treating digestive problems, massage therapists gently feel your abdomen to try to pick up tension in your colon and small intestine. If they find any congested areas, they’ll massage them gently. This can work very quickly to relieve any bloating or constipation.

An excellent massage will help to relieve anxiety and tension and help to prevent any further flare-ups. Don’t book in for any abdominal massage if you’re having an IBS flare-up. An abdominal massage can have the opposite effect and may even end up making your symptoms worse. Neck, shoulder, back, and leg massages are all fine during a flare-up, though.

The same rules apply to ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease – abdominal massage is recommended between flare-ups. Massage therapy can still be beneficial to relieve chronic pain but can lead to more pain and even intestinal perforation if it’s carried out when the symptoms are acute.

The Best Types of Massage for Abdominal Pain

  • Swedish massage

    The old-time favorite. Long strokes and gentle kneading movements help release tension. But if you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of digestive problems  – more stress – digestive problems get worse.  It can even create more stress – it can help reverse the process.

  • Deep tissue massage

    The deeper muscles of your body and the connective tissues benefit from this type of massage. Your licensed massage therapist can also add this to a Swedish massage.

  • Trigger point massage

    The trigger point massage involves steady pressure applied to targeted areas of the body. This massage not only helps release abdominal muscle spasms or abdominal pains but also increases blood flow.

  • Ashiatsu

    A type of Japanese massage where the therapist uses body weight while applying rhythmic pressure to acupressure points.


Digestive disorder? Call us or book a massage to relieve the stress of digestive problems. You can also incorporate some essential oils in your massage for a warm and more relaxing relief throughout the day.

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