Should you get a massage before or after the Chiropractic adjustment?

Unfortunately, muscle tension and spinal dysfunction are both all-to-common problems. These ailments are so common, many people who suffer from one, also suffer from the other. So it stands to reason that lots of people can benefit from a combination of both massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment. Indeed, Chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy can be even more effective when combined than they are used independently.


Massage Therapy First, Chiropractic Adjustment Second

If you suffer from a particularly tight muscle, then it is a good idea to have it treated with massage before you go in for your chiropractic adjustment. If the tight muscle is close to the joints that your chiropractor will treat, then its tightness could interfere with the adjustment. Receiving a massage first ensures that there are no tight muscles in the way and your chiropractor will be able to access the joints better.

While chiropractic adjustments are very rarely painful or uncomfortable, muscle tightness or spasms could cause pain during the procedure. Prior massage can protect against this pain. If this is your first time receiving a chiropractic adjustment, then having the massage first can help you relax beforehand.

Chiropractic Adjustment first, Massage Therapy Second

If you seem to require frequent and regular chiropractic adjustments, then having your massage right after the adjustment may be beneficial. After your chiropractor has adjusted your joints into the right position, you don’t want muscle tension to wrench them back to misalignment. A massage right after your adjustment can help keep your muscles relaxed and neutral, so that the proper alignment is allowed to hold and stay in place. This way, the benefits of the adjustment will last longer and you might not need to book your next ones as frequently.

As an added bonus, many patients enjoy having a massage after an adjustment because it feels great! After the abruptness of a chiropractic adjustment, a soothing massage is a great way to achieve blissful relaxation.

Only One Or The Other?

Some people don’t need both, some people don’t have skeletal problems or no muscular tension(even thought its rare). For people whose posture is great and no skeletal pains or imbalances, chiropractic work is usually not needed. A good chiropractor will be able to tell you that. Same goes for a massage some peoples muscles have a great tone that massage is not required.

But more than not if you need chiropractic work you will be needing a massage. Because if one has imbalanced spine they muscles will be imbalanced. The other way, if your muscles are tight your spine will be. It depends.

However, this raises the question:

Ultimately, there is not a single correct answer to this question for all patients. Instead, the answer will depend on the specific details of your situation. At a consultation with your chiropractor and massage therapist, they can help you figure out which arrangement will serve you best.

Jolita Brilliant, Licensed Massage Therapist, Burlington, Vermont


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