Knots according to Dictionary:

plural noun: knots
  1. 1.
    a fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope, or something similar.
    “tie a knot at the end of the cord” – (not very relatable to the muscle fibers at all)
    synonyms: tietwistloopbowhitchhalf hitchclove hitchjoinfasteningMore

  2. 2. a tangled mass in something such as hair. –(this is more relatable to the muscle)


2. make (something, especially hair) tangled.
  1. synonyms: tangled, tangly, knotty, entangled, matted, snarled, unkemptuncombed, tousled;

    informalmussed up
    “knotted hair”

Now with the second expression I agree more. “unkept”, “uncombed” are  better terms to describe what it is knotty muscles mean, and knots in your back, legs, calfs, hands etc.

A lot of the time they are just Trigger Points, where the muscles are the most tight. The massage therapist work, at least the deep tissue ones, is to lengthen these tight and shortened painful muscles. Loosen them up, so they are nice and in place like they are supposed to be, and not “knotty” or in other words unkept. These knotty muscles probably received a lot of repetitive strain to drive them out of their normal position. Driving, sitting, working a desk job, contracting, sports and other activities you do in your life.

You can’t stop living

You can’t stop living. So thats where the massage comes in, to help you fight the tension and restore these muscles, and flexibility, so you don’t loose range of motion and are free of pain. People live a very different lives, and run into a different types of tension and pains. Furthermore someone might have a tension headaches, someone might have tight IT band, or foot pain. Thats why a licensed and trained massage therapist have put all these hours into the schooling so they can help you in your unique situation.

Every good therapist should be capable of doing so. Seems like in some spas only specialize in soft massage, thats why if you want to have results from your treatments, do a research to pick someone who is reputable. I recommend reading their education/ experience bio and their reviews. Thats why going even to a good spa, where you do not know who will work on you is a little bit tricky. In conclusion, always at least ask what that therapist is best at and if they will be capable of finding the areas you need the most work on.

Noteworthy, this is a video also talking on this topic, from other therapist, even thought he puts down people fro calling the trigger points knots, I don’t think its bad to call them knots, because thats been recognizable term within the massage circles for awhile now, might as well call those high tension area knots.

Knots can cause all of the following and more:







-Licensed Massage Therapist, Jolita Brilliant, Burlington. Vermont


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