Here Comes Summer – Stress!

Curly blonde hair toddler having some itch from mosquito bite: text: here comes summer When we’re deep in the cold, wet clutches of winter, all we can think of is the lazy, hazy summer days. Picnics, barbecues, days out, and sunshine are all we remember from the last summer. Here comes Summer! And stress too!

When we reach summertime, we remember why summer has stresses of its own. Who hasn’t daydreamed about the last summer vacation? And who has forgotten those driving hours to get there, left the entire family hot, cranky, and dehydrated? Or that on the second day of the break, one of the kids had an allergic reaction to a bug sting. And the kid spent the entire week whining about it itching?

The planned fun and games can also turn into fighting and complaining about being bored with the kids at home. Some days you wish it was winter again after all! That’s why, whether you have kids or not, and wherever you are planning to spend time this summer, you need to schedule some downtime. Summer can really stress you out, so making sure that you’re well prepared with pre-vacation treatments and a massage or two will give you that extra relaxation top-up and also helps you make your summer holiday about you as well as everybody else.

Remember that even if you are always looking out for everyone else, you deserve some time out too. It might be a cliché that gets overused, but there is a lot of truth to the statement ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup.’ Get your fix of relaxation upfront, and you’ll feel much more equipped to give to everyone else.

Top Tips for Stress-Free Summer Months:

Spend time in the sunshine. It really does improve your mood. Load up on sunscreen and head out into the backyard with a book and a cool drink, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Get the kids out on a play date and make some time for you.

Sneak in a nap. Sleep can be compromised over the summer when the temperatures rise. So if you have an opportunity in the daytime for a nap, take it and stock up in advance on sleep.

Enjoy a yoga class. Perfect for regular relaxation, and you can take a few of your favorite moves away on vacation with you, too.

Turn off the iPads – and other gadgets. Give yourself a tech detox for an hour or so a day, or even an entire day/vacation if you think you can. Just escaping from the constant ping of notifications can be a great way to unplug stress and chill out.

Don’t neglect your downtime. Schedule in time for YOU in amongst the fun family days out and other activities. And don’t forget to schedule a massage session for the whole family. Even kids will surely love the stress-free massage time for everyone.

Enjoy your summer!

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