Thoracic Kyphosis

Help back, neck and shoulder pain, tight pecs!

Used for:

  • Clinical mobilization platform
  • Lower thoracic/upper lumbar dysfunction
  • Ideal posture retraining/stretching tool

The Thoracic Pivot is to be used alone. The Thoracic Pivot is ideal for persons with a forward head posture. This is the only time they can truly have a pivot to retract their scapulae to put their spine in the correct posture. The Thoracic Pivot is needed as an integral part of low back treatment, as it is impossible to have normal lumbar mechanics if the thoracic spine and ribs are not normally postured. It is surprisingly effective in many cervical problems as the thoracic area and ribs are frequently neglected since they are not painful.

Helpful pivot, use daily 1-2 minutes.

As well think about investing in a back brace that could help you to train your back be in a better position. There is various kinds of them, you can search the internet, amazon or eBay to see which one would fit you best.

You can find thoracic pivots and thoracic back braces on eBay.

I have personally purchase thoracic back brake and I wear it for 5-10 minutes everyday and it does help to train myself to always keep a better posture.

-Jolita Brilliant, Nationally Licensed Therapist in Burlington, Vermont