My Favorite Restaurants and Things To Do in Vermont and Burlington, Vermont

Out of all he things to do in Vermont, of course one of my number one recommended things to do is to get a custom massage at Brilliant Massage Therapy. Of course I am a little bias here, but I think a lot of people would agree! who doesn’t need a great massage!

And now let’s get to other business a love around Burlington and Vermont!

Restaurants in Burlington, VT

Single Pebble– best asian restaurant in whole Vermont, my friend fife who grew up in Japan approves that 100%!

Hen of the Wood- fancy, special occasion type of dinner. Quite costly, but the excellent food and nice atmosphere is worth it. They had a great bar as well! One drawback, the bite size desert mix is not worth it, get something else! They have two locations, in Stowe, Vt and Burlington, VT. The last one is walking distance from Brilliant Massage Therapy.

The Farm House– American. built in place of an old McDonald’s, the only one McDonalds that was in Burlington. Now this place serves local beef burgers, that are wonderful. The Brunch and Sunday options, like my favorite Benedicts and cheese plates are top notch as well!

Pho Hong- Popular BYOB spot for Vietnamese noodle soups & other traditional dishes in a casual setting. They have durian milkshakes! Food is inexpensive and high quality. Popular for take-outs. You can bring your own alcohol if you are eating in.

Things to do in Vermont:

Sunset Drive In– who doesn’t like drive in movie theaters? If you are visiting Vermont in spring, summer or autumn, get fairly cheap tickets to this wonderful drive in theater!

Vermont’s Paint and Sip-  a lot of people could agree this might be a fairly more of a female type of activity, however my boyfriend really enjoyed doing the couples painting night! Its for every one, so not be shy! You do not have to be good at painting, the instructor will guide you all the way, plus you can sip on wine, beer or mimosas or just juice and have fun! Hey, art is one of the other great therapy forms!

Jay Peak Water Park- Pump House-  for a adults and for kids, so much fun! I love the out doors hot tub, as well as their long slides that extend outside of the pump house itself. There is one very cray one- the La Shute red tube, if you a thrill seeker you will love this one! they also have a rock climbing wall and a basketball pool! Its a family friendly park, with many little water attractions for the kids as well! Their skiing and snowboarding resort is wonderful as well, Jay Peak usually gets the most snow of all winter resorts!

Shopping Local:

Burton-  hip and high quality winter sports and every day wear athletic clothing that’s made to last. This snowboarding equipment and clothing company was established in 1977 in Vermont. Your options are a store on Church and College streets or their store in the Main Headquarters, where most likely you will find a wider selections of items, which is located 80 Industrial Parkway, Burlington, VT.

City Market- a local co-op. Products from local farmers and other healthy options. They also have a hot lunch and dinner bar, plus sandwiches.

Burlington and Vermont

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List created by Jolita Brilliant, Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist in Burlington, Vermont