All-Inclusive – Everyone Is Welcome Here!

BMS owner with arms wide open at the front of BMS office: text: everyone is welcome here It seems like a great time to make the point that this is an all-welcome, judgment-free zone as far as we are concerned. There has been too much in the news in recent times about setting people apart. Hence, we want to clarify to all of our current and potential clients that we treat every single body with respect at our establishment. We welcome diversity in all its many-faceted types. Everyone is welcome here at Brilliant Massage & Skin.

Treatment Session for Transgender

We are more than happy to accommodate transgender clients. You need not worry about being treated any differently by our staff. Everyone at BMS is trained to be accepting and welcoming. We are also well aware of some of the issues affecting transgender men and women when enjoying an esthetic or massage treatment. Nobody will judge you here. If you have any specific concerns about your treatment with us or don’t know what to expect, call in or drop us a message, and we’ll be happy to talk you through anything that’s concerning you.

Some trans people report that they have had bad experiences with massage before; that could be being misgendered by a therapist. Or just feeling uncomfortable removing their clothes (or the pressure to remove more of their clothes than they feel comfortable with). We totally understand that you might feel a bit awkward – and not everyone is confident in their body; that even applies to cis-gender people. You might not know whether a massage center will accept you as a trans person. Will they be body-positive and trans-friendly? Of course, we will.

A Comfortable and Welcoming Environment for You

We are happy to work with all body types and needs and don’t judge age, body type, size, or sexuality. Naturally, we want to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all of our clients. The whole point of a massage or esthetic treatment is that it’s supposed to make you feel great. And judgemental attitudes or treatment are not conducive to an atmosphere of relaxation. If there’s anything you may feel uncomfortable about, please just let us know beforehand.

We believe that wellbeing should be accessible to everybody. That also includes people with medical conditions or specific disabilities that you may think rules you out of having a session with us. Just ask! We aim to be as helpful as possible. And communication is key to helping us get to know who we are working with. We will do our very best to make sure that you have the treatment that you want. Some services may need to be changed to suit your specific needs. So please, if you do have any concerns, call or speak to us in advance to be ready to treat you and have everything in place for your visit.

We Work With Children Too

Children enjoy being pampered and looked after too. We also accommodate treatments and wellbeing services for minors. Just be aware that we may have to tailor some treatments to be suitable for younger skin or bodies and that we may need parental consent or a chaperone for some things. Some treatments may be unsuitable for younger people, but we’ll explain why and suggest something else if that’s the case. We’re sure that you understand, after all, your c hildren are precious to you, and we want to treat them with respect and care.

We hope that whatever your age, race, sexuality, gender, or ability status, you’ll book a treatment with us soon – we all deserve to feel good about ourselves, and anything we can do to help is a bonus…

Brilliant Massage & Skin

Burlington, Vermont