I would like to share my favorite recipes with essential oils:

Muscle Aches

Muscle aches are best addressed with the massage itself most of the time unless there are injuries present that required doctors appointment. However essential oils can be super helpful in adding extra help to ease those aches and muscle tension.

Massage bend:

4 teaspoons carrier oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops rosemary
2 drops ginger
Mix ingredients in a glass bottle that closes tightly and store in the refrigerator between uses.
Using fingertips apply this blend onto an affected area and massage it into a painful muscle.

Cold pack:

1 pint of cold water
2 drops roman chamomile
2 drops marjoram
Mix wanter and oil and freeze into an ice pack shape container.

Neck Stiffness relaxing oil

1 teaspoon carrier oil
2 drops lavender
2 drops peppermint
Mix the oils and massage into the stiff muscles at the base of your neck and along the shoulders.

Anti- inflammation blend:

1 tbs carrier oil
1 tbs basil essential oil
Pour the carrier oil into a small glass or ceramic bowl add basil.
Massage oil into inflamed areas, neck and surrounding areas. Repeat 2-3 times  a day to relief spams, pain and inflammation.

Head ache:

Head aches can develop from tension and massage is a wonderful and effective way to treat head aches. However if we were too busy, had unexpected amount of work or stress and been slaking in getting massages to keep those headaches at bay, essential oils can offer a relief!
Essential oils are some of the best and most effective remedies for headaches, as physicians already knew for hundreds of years before pharmaceuticals became the well- advertised remedies of choice. More recently, in a small-scale study with a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized cross-over design, researchers obtained significant reduction in headache pain from topical use of peppermint essential oil combined with ethanol (alcohol).
1 oz of vodka
5 drops of peppermint.
Mix ingredients in a ceramic bowl. Using cotton ball apply this blend with broad strokes all over your forehead, your temples, and the back of your neck. Close you eyes and relax until your pain subsides.
If you don’t have vodka you can apply one drop of peppermint oil directly on your temples each and the back of you neck.
You can also make an Ice pack with 1 cup of water and 5 drops of peppermint oil.


Preventative soak:
1 quart warm water (110 C degrees)
5 drops ginger
5 drops lavender
At first appearance of the migraine symptoms, soak your hand and wrists in this solution for at least 3 minutes to rebalance your body’s temperature, help the vessels to relax and hopefully prevent full blown onset of migraine.


Open the bottle of peppermint oil and breathe in close to a bottle opening through your nose about 10 seconds. Repeat until hiccups stop.


The common cold is caused by so many different viruses that medical science can’t find a broad- spectrum cure for it. But you can prepare for your next cold by stocking up on anti-viral and symptom- fighting essential oils like clove, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, lemon, pepper-mint, rosemary, tea tree, and thyme.

Massage Blend:

1 tea spoon career oil (like apricot kernel, sweet almond or grape seed oil)
3 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops eucalyptus
1 drop lemon
Mix all ingredients into a glass bottle. Using your fingertips gently rub this blend on your chest, neck, and cheekbones. You can also rub it around your nose, following the line of your sinus cavities.

Neat Inhaler Blend:

1 drop clove essential oil
1 drop eucalyptus
1 drop peppremint
1 drop thyme
Add these into inhaler and breathe as often as needed.

Steam Treatment:

1 drop clove essential oil
1 drop lavender
1 drop tea tree
1 drop thyme
Put oils into the ceramic bowl of hot water. Drape the towel over your head so that it is draped over the bowl too and breathe the steam in, close your eyes. Stick your head for a fresh air. Repeat as desired.

Dry Skin:

The discomforts of dry skin can be easily vanquished with essential oils and carrier oils. The carrier oils moisturize, and the essential oils relieve itching.
Moisturizing bath blend:
2 tbs sweet almond oil
2 tbs apricot kernel carrier oil
2 tea spoons avocado carrier oil
50 drops lavender.
Combine all oils in a glass bottle. Run a warm bath. Add 1 tbs of this blend to the bath water, and soak as long as you like.
Indigestion can be caused by a number of things, including an unusually large meal, certain food, medical conditions, a course of antibiotics, or use of other prescription medications.Massaging the belly in circles helps. However this is even more helps from essential oils you can do.
Whatever its causes, indigestion can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.
3-4 drops of peppermint oil
At bed time, apply the undiluted peppermint essential oil to your pillow. Breathe in it through the night, it will stimulate the digestion.


Bed Time Bath Time
1/2 cup milk
3 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil
1 drop clary sage
1 drop marjoram
1 drop ylang-ylang
Mix all ingredients. Run warm bath. Add the blend into the bath. Soak, dry off and than slip into a bed.
Speed Up Your Metabolism with this
The right essential oils can be the key to raising your energy level or ramping up your metabolic rate so you can drop those extra pounds.

Massage Blend:

1 tbs sweet almond carrier oil
3 drops grapefruit essential oil
2 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops ginger
2 drops peppermint
Combine ingredients. Massage the oil into your skin morning and night after the shower.

Motion sickness:

2 drops of peppermint oil.
Apply oil to your handkerchief. If you feel sick smell it for 10 seconds, repeat.

For an increase of libido:

One must be willing to have libido increased, its a conscious thing, essential oils can only help if your mind is seeking in this case.
3 drops clove essential oil
3 drops sweet orange
3 drops vetiver
Add oils into your diffuser.

Lovely relaxing massage for you loved partner blend:

1 oz jojoba or sweet almond carrier oil
2 drops ylang ylang essential oil
2 drops any type of minty oil (e.g.- eucalyptus, wintergren, peppermint, pine)
2 drops from spice list (basil, cinnamon, ginger, lemon grass, pepper, orange…)

Mix the ingredients and use to gently massage your loved one.

Moisturizing Body butter for any skin type:

1 cup raw cocoa butter
1/2 cup coconut carrier oil
1/2 sweet almond carrier oil
6 drops vanilla essential oil
Mix cocoa and coconut oils, warm them up, than add almond and vanilla, mix all 4 ingredients. Store it in the refrigerator between uses.

Bubble Baths with essential oils.

For relaxation and to reduce muscles soreness and pain.
3 cups sea salt
3 teaspoons coconut carrier oil
6 drops cedarwood essential oil
6 drops chamomile
4 drops clary sage
4 drops jasmine
Mix all ingredients. Store in a glass container. Use 1 cup at a time to a running bath.

Shampoo for dandruff or dry skin:

8 oz of unscented shampoo
10 drops of lavender essential oil
4 drops of tea tree essential oil
Pour ingredients into a dark colored glass bottle. Mix and enjoy.
-Jolita Brilliant, Licensed Massage Therapist, Located in Burlington Downtown, Vermont