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In this Episode we discuss these topics:

New Year resolutions are common, with studies suggesting that about 40-45% of individuals in the United States make them. However, maintaining these resolutions proves challenging, with a significant percentage abandoning them by mid-February. Popular resolutions often revolve around health, fitness, and personal finance.

The “hustle culture” has faced criticism for its emphasis on constant work and burnout. Many are shifting towards a more balanced approach that prioritizes well-being, work-life balance, and mental health. It’s important to find a sustainable pace that allows for both personal and professional fulfillment.

Engage in activities you enjoy, cultivate positive relationships, practice gratitude, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and focus on mindfulness. Small acts of kindness, setting achievable goals, and spending time in nature can also contribute to overall happiness. Any contents of this video is not Medical or Financial advice.