Limited time offer: You can book esthetics services at student clinic at Aveda in Williston with our massage therapist Jolita, that is pursuing esthetics program there, starting next week. Offer lasts only into the first week of October, 2019! Please call on Monday Aveda directly to book w Jolita and please mention “Bring a buddy program” for a very special pricing! Aveda, Williston, VT: (802) 876-7044.

Esthetics student services include: Facials for different skin types, including hydrating, anti acne, plan peel and more using only original Aveda products. 

Esthetics Make Up application for a special occasion, including bridal make up styles. 

Esthetics waxing services include: arms, back, legs, and face waxing services. 

And like always we offer our classic custom massage services at suite #9 and Suite #1. For Relaxation and Pain Relief. Our phone number is the same 802-825-4116. 

Book massage with Corrie, Ben, Luis and Jolita.

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