Adding Cupping to a massage:

You’re probably familiar with the therapeutic benefits of Deep Tissue Massage and how it loosens knots, increases range of motion, reduces pain and inflammation. When Cupping is added to the massage session, we are able to get even faster results with less pain.

Negative Pressure

Since the techniques use negative pressure, rather than tissue compression, superior bodywork ranging from MFR and deep tissue work to MLD is easily accomplished. The suction of the cups rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release by stretching it up from underlying structures, thus loosening areas of adhesion or restriction, activating muscle spindle reflexes that relax contractile tissue and retraining the myofacial structures. Further, it stimulates the nervous system reflex to the cerebral cortex, contributing to an increased rate of recovery from pain and disease.

Muscles Aches

The effects of cupping are remarkable on hypertonicity and aching muscles and activate the secretion of synovial fluids, which release joint stiffness in ways not possible using the pressure of traditional massage. It concurrently creates localized expansion of tissue, producing a profound vasodilatation reaction – drawing blood flow to areas of ischemic pain, raising skin temperature, promoting metabolism within the skin tissue for better functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, flushing capillary beds, draining stagnant blood, toxins and lymph, and re-supplying vital nutrients.

Anti- aging

Its use in beauty therapy is based around promoting hormone production, encouraging blood and the secretion of digestive fluids and increased peristaltic movements in the bowels and internal organs, thus removing harmful toxins that speed up the ageing process and other degenerative conditions. Another effective application of the cupping technique is in the treatment of cellulite. A very light suction provides drainage and exfoliation, while deeper applications can be used to exercise the muscles, stimulate circulation and loosen adhesions “dimpling”.

Cupping aka Myofascial Decompression Helps With

  • Colds & Influenza
  • Headaches
  • Abscesses
  • Arthritis
  • Intercostal Neuralgia
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sciatica
  • Rheumatism
  • High blood pressure, stroke and arteriosclerosis
  • Bronchial asthma & congestion
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Kidney disorders (including frequent/urgent urination)
  • Dispels colds and respiratory infections
  • Relieves gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomachache, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Liver disorders
  • Gallbladder disorders
  • Dermatological disorders
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anxiety & insomnia
  • Post-injury trauma
  • Post-surgery adhesions
  • Cellulite
  • Musculo-skeletal problems: pain, spasms, cramps, tightness, numbness, stiffness of the back and neck
  • Chronic gastric pain
  • Vertigo
  • Menopausal discomforts
  • Activates the skin, clears stretch marks and wrinkles and improves varicose veins

Cupping has been around for thousands of years and involves suction, also known as negative pressure. The silicone cups literally become an extension of the hands of the therapist, allowing him/her to decompress and create negative pressure, which seamlessly lifts and releases muscle adhesions versus performing the classic compression of massage. Achieving these profound therapeutic results is simply not possible with hands alone. It’s said that 5 minutes of cupping is equivalent to 30 minutes of a deep tissue massage. Toxic feelings of anxiety and stress are literally lifted up and away.Cupping along the spine stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to producing a relaxing and sedating effect on the recipient, and it’s not uncommon for them to fall asleep. When treating clients who suffer with low back pain, the silicone cups allows to go deep without causing clients much pain/discomfort.

What Kind Of Cupping I Can Receive At Brilliant Massage Therapy?

Silicone Cupping– great for cupping massage, where cups can be stationary or moved around. When they are being moved it feels like a dee tissue massage. It lifts the skin, brakes the fascia stagnation, brings more blood in the muscles, speeds up recovery.

Air Pump Plastic Cups that can be used with magnets- can be used the same as silicone cups, but are even more easier to move. They can also be used on the belly to stimulate digestion. Also they can be left stationary on the back with optional magnets in them. Magnets increase the intensity of the cups. Sometimes that can cause more spots or even blistering. The thought behind magnet cups is that humans need to have good magnetic field to be healthy. When the space shuttle first was launched into the space there was not magnetic field and astronauts developed many health problems. In future space ships Nasa started to install artificial magnetic fields and that solved many health problems for astronauts. That pertains if our magnetic field is out of balance we might feel not as good. Thats why one might want to receive magnetic cup therapy to “magnetize” their body.

Air pump cups are also great for cellulite treatments on the legs.

Fire/Russian Cupping– good for immunity boost, pain relief, toxin removal. Could be left stationary or moved like silicone cups on the body. Helps lung and airway clearing is someones gets a lot of colds.

Facial Cupping with small glass cups with air pumps on top. This style of cupping helps to reduce wrinkles, TMJ, Sinus Relief.

Cupping Aftermarks

Possible Side Effects

Cupping is fairly safe, as long as you go to a trained health professional. But you could have these side effects in the area where the cups touch your skin:

Mild discomfort
Red to dark blue spots, usually not painful but could feel a little sore to some people. Signs of cupping usually dissipates in a week or sooner or for some in two weeks.

Face cupping usually leaves no marks or soreness on the face because its done with a tiny cups.

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Diffrent Cupping Styles


Cupping is contraindicated in cases of severe diseases, i.e. cardiac failure, renal failure, ascites due to hepato-cirrhosis and severe edema, as well as hemorrhagic diseases such as allergic pupura, hemophilia and leukemia, and clients with dermatosis, destruction of skin, or allergic dermatitis. Cupping should not be applied on the portion where hernia exists or has occurred in the past. For this Cupping workshops, pregnant women should contact us in advance to registering to discuss your ability to successfully take the 2 – 3 days of Cupping.

There are other contraindications that need to be considered with 3 back to back days of Cupping that would normally not be an issue with a once a week regimen most clients will undergo.

Always Receive cupping from a certified massage or acupuncture trained professionals, not just someone that learned it off the youtube, it could cause great damage and infection or pain in your skin if cupping done improperly or left too long.

Contemporary Cupping Methods Diploma

Contemporary Cupping Methods Diploma

Licensing Organization:

Graduate of International Cupping Association

Graduate of International Cupping Association

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